Tuesday, 9 June 2015


First match of the 2015-16 season and match secretary John Kilby with me as the assistant match secretary are hoping to build up the match scene to a higher level of attendance. The first of the year started at the Thurlaston moat and unfortunately i was late getting there , sorry John , poor excuse but i was up till 2 in the morning due to a late meeting with co-director Vince Callaghan talking sales , stock and promotions.
John had pegged out and unfortunately the back part of the moat had grown over on several pegs so access was minimal , however it was peg 15 chosen to be pegged and its exactly the peg i won of last year and guess what ? , i drew it again .
I really fancied pegs 2 , 3 and 6 and 7 area so i know i would have to go hard at it to compete with them.
I did notice however there was many carp splashing in the lily pads , breeding it certainly was , does that mean a bad day .........lets us see ?

 Draw time , the expectants waited with anticipation.

 After using a machete through the jungle i managed to reach my peg and got prepared ......does that not look nice !?

 The rest of lads were well ready and also experiencing many carp sexual activities , i thought there was few carp left in this moat , i think not !

The match started strangely and i entered 5 balls of ground bait using SENSAS skimmer mix with hemp and dead maggots to 2 positions along the reed line opposite and 5 metres out and to my left one metre out.
First 15 minutes yielded just 2 Perch  :(  ...... umm , i changed to caster and caught a small Rudd . Several Perch followed later but still no sign of Tench , Crucian or Roach and Rudd . After one hour i shortened a rig and dropped a float 6 inches short of the bottom in front of the reeds on double caster and the float went down followed by a surge out of the weeds and my 5-8 SENSAS Hollow elastic was 1 and half pegs away in no time at all . It stayed on for at least a minute as i just hung on playing on 5 meters however the hook was shed. Dismayed i went in again and a small perch was a consolation prize . 5 minutes later the same again and that fish also shed the hook , two carp , i think so. hour later after a walk to see how the other lads were doing i decided to fish close to the bank to my left and after 2 Perch i hooked a large fish , it came up to the surface in 5 seconds and i landed this wet sack of a chub of about 2lb , bonus fish !
   The rest of the match was a struggle and i only ended up with 17 fish ! The lake was a sex pool and the fish were drugged on the milt and roe that had been given off so it did not matter if you put ice-cream on the hook they were not up for it .

 Richard Davenport on peg 6 on the search.

My Bonus fish of the day

 Poor return yet next weekend you could easily get 30lb of this peg.

 Membership secretary Ed Medcalf took a flying visit.

 3-7 took the first place but felt fortunate to gain good bonus

 3-2 john Kilby in 2nd

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