Tuesday, 23 June 2015

2015 - BURTON ON TRENT and the firs big one of the new season.

First match at Burton on Trent realised a top class turn out for this starter . The meeting room at the Marshlands Sports Club provided the expectants with breakfast and the chance to catch up with fellow anglers not seen for a few months.
             Draw time and i plucked Peg 10 at Andressey which i knew nothing about and then i was guided to Sherrats section after missing a turning in town. So not the best start for me as i was later told i must gain a COORS pass card which i heard about at the draw a little through the noise. So i went back to the draw venue and gained a card and was escorted to the COORS building and got to my peg with 40 minutes to go before the start.
             I was still setting up 10 minutes into the match and i ran through a stick float and on second cast i had a bite and missed it , for the next 20 minutes it was continuous bites but NOTHING ? So i changed immediately to a 20's hook to 0.09 and fished on and 5 minutes later i had a small chub which in the current felt like a LB fish but it was only a 6oz unit. A further 10 minutes later i struck and it went solid and the tip started to bump , this is bigger , several seconds later it spat the hook , sh*t !
             I finally realised the best method was to trot waggler or stick some 20 yards down and inch it down slowly inducing a bite. Half way through the match with only 1 chub and two roach i struck on the slightest of bites and it was a decent fish on that would not concede and it took like an age to get its head up was a Grayling ! The match after that was stuggle but i manage further 7 bits to end up with 11 fish for exactly 2LB !
             Great day really even though the fishing was poor but the local lads said its a slow starter plus a bit of rain was in the river and also the summer has not really started. There is always the next match .


Massive congratulations to COORS AC for a great days organisation and i look forward to more matches over the coming few months.

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