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First of SIX matches on the SOAR SENSAS MASTERS and the Carillon Sports club was the fine venue for the draw as usual with its excellent breakfast for the expectants .

Great stalwart of Leicestershire angling is Rod Bream , who fished on numerous occasions with my club the Greenhill AC back in the 70/80's

I drew Peg 67 and to my left was the mighty Joff.

My peg and a target area for Bream ?

To my right is Ross

My station for the day

Todays Sunday lunch for the silvers.

What a day ! was awful and the wind was downstream and gusty and presentation was at a premium. Yes the first Soar masters proved to be a a real struggle for the majority as the weather played its part on a already clear water river . 
              I drew peg 67 which is about 7 pegs in to the right of Soar lane unfortunately i had overhanging branch so my scope for casting was diminished and the only chance of firing out the feeder required a 4 metres to the left cast , not deterred i set up 3 pole rigs 
At 11m a Desque 2 gram to SENSAS Super Competition 0.14 and a 14's SENSAS 3410
also a Desque 1.5 gram to SENSAS 0.14 and a 14's 3410 hook ........ both for the Tench / Perch .
For finer fishing on the seed / maggot i chose a 1.0 gr Maurizio Schiepatti on 0.12/0.08 SENSAS Super competition line with a 3410 Sensas 18 and 20 later.

              Next to me was Joff Woodgett and a £1 bet was on the table for the winner.

          Start , and the wind came harder so undeterred i dropped 3 bait dropper missions with chop and caster at 11 m and then placed 5 casts on the feeder with SENSAS 3000 Feeder mix with chop / dead maggot and caster. I had 3 sharp bites in the first 5 minutes at 11m then had a small see-through Perch. The worm was bigger than its head ! Then the bites tailed of and i was soon on the feeder for 30 minutes and nothing ! 
         Back onto the lighter rig and i took 3 see-through Perch and Roach , dire ! Joff took a small hybrid on the feeder and that was the highliite of the first 2 hours as the rest of the day was scratching my head thinking where the next fish will come from ? I carries on with hope of a bonus and that came just as the wind was gusting , i struck on a bite and it was a good firm fish but as i raised my pole the wind hit me and the line went slack as the fish was off after a few seconds . Returning the line found bream slime on the hook length , dam , the best chance i had !
         My peg was full of lily pads to 4 metres out so a short whip was not good in this wind so i plumbed for a 6 m whip with a low under hand cast as i was limited with branches above. I took several see through bleak , roach and 2 bottle tops. So with an hour to go i found a spot just after the pads at 7 m and held it steady over a layer of chopped worm ...........nothing !
         End of match and Martin Jacques has took our section with 2-1 next weight was Rod Bream with 1-8 , there was 1-7 , 1-3 , 0-12 , 0-10 , 0.4 ........pretty awful. Next section to our right had Brian Hull winning with 8lb plus and Adam Nurse with just over 6lb.

Onto top section Mr.'Loughborough' , Brian Hull took the section with two excellent Tench.

The miserly weights continued on our section.

Midlands Angling Supplies angler Martin Jacques took the section with 2-1

  SENSAS RIVER SOAR MASTERS -N0.2 12TH jULY..............................

 Drew Peg 12 , you have to fancy it (when there is some water on or later in the year ) However based on its legacy i decided for a feeder attack as just one good bream could elevate me into a good sectional position.

 The target area , Left of the tree possibly ? , in front ? or to the right where most of the bubbling was occurring .

 Peg 12

 Was 94

 The rigs again were SENSAS Jeff 2 at 1.5 gram on the Perching / Tenching with a 0.75gr Maurizio Schiepatti for the 'eyes' fishing .

 Also set up 2 SENSAS ALBORELlA 4.5 and 5 metres whips with EXNER 'Nelli' floats of 0.6 and 0.8 .

 Tony Beech to my left who had the misfortune to snag his rigs twice when plumbing up at 8 and 10 metres ......thats peg 11 people so watch for it if you draw there.

 To my right

Last of the rowers before commencement

The match was tough however the conditions determine how best to adapt and score with fish entering the next , whatever the size !

Yesterday i could see a trickle of bubbles on the far side over a few metres and really felt there was Bream however they could have been just air from burrowing crayfish ? I noticed several times that my worm/s were getting pulled off with the minimal movement on the tip . Think those claw - boys were toying with me.
It was really interesting to see/hear that Darren , Sean and Tony to my right fed heavily on the ground bait to keep the eyes in their pegs yet i have shied away from that, thinking ' Pike' ? I really tried hard in the initial hour on the 'tip' far side varying my distance a little but no luck , not even a fish on a tiny feeder and even got down to double pinkie !
The peg as you say is an out and out Bream peg especially when the water is on as Sean proved last year with a 11kilo bag.
Come round 3 we may have had some considerable rain to generate some feeding frenzies and get the skimmer and larger roach feeding , really hope so . Still enjoying the matches immensely as the water makes you think . Me and Beachy to my left did not weigh our couple of pound each but i don't think we did a lot wrong however if i could have changed anything i would have ground baited heavily and took all the eyes i could get with 10-15 minute spells close in on Perch.
Love the Soar fishing !

 Weights ! ......Joe Oakes on the next section scored a great weight on the feeder all day , peg 26 ? with over 10lb and individual winner and his 6/7th win/section of the season in less than 4 weeks  !!

 Good weights continued

 Mr.leicestershire SENSAS , the Joff with a good weight concentrating hard on the choppy and did well in a forceful wind.

To my right was Mr.Cahill who ground baited hard at start of match and caught plenty of see-throughs and eyes but took a bonus plus Perch back up closer for a section win of 7-2.

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