Monday, 27 July 2015

2015 - SENSAS SOAR MASTERS N0.3 - July 26th

So far this season i have not amassed a weight over 4lb and due to weather , low waters and excuses i went into this match inspired to do better after studying the previous round's tactics.

I drew Peg 37 and then found out the mighty Joff - miester was on the left at Peg 36 , this length better known as 'Cyanide' length . It did look daunting when i got there as i could see 4 feet down and lots of cabbages on the bottom to 3 metres out and not much cover.  However during the set up period there was several Bream rolling in our area so encouragement was gained.

The weather was fine with a gentle wind but that changed by 10:00 am as the drizzle came and the monsoon rain came later with the high winds half way through the match .

10:30 .....start and after a bombardment of 8 balls of different consistences using SENSAS Lake and SENSAS Gros Gardons with dead pinkies / maggots / caster laced into the balls. I placed a good amount of Pinkies / chopped worms at 8 metres down the peg in a gap i found.

First cast of the feeder about 4 metres from the far side pads and at about 2 o clock , 5 minutes , nothing . Decided to recast when i felt something on the line which felt quite weighty and it came in relatively easy until i got it close and it was 1lb Jack Pike and it pulled out . Gave it two more casts then went onto the pole line.

Caught pairs of eyes immediately but then a succession of 2 small jacks taking better fish made me fish the choppy line where i took one Perch. The rest of the match was history as i tried different depths to snag some caster roach without success but continued to take see-through fish . Eventually after Joff took a Tench i spent the rest of the match searching for one and took 4 small Perch.

The biggest competition go the day was the 'Pound match ' against Joff , he already was in the lead from the first match when he beat me by 7 oz . He went 2-0 up !

Perks with his predator catch in the Zoo peg. We watched him all day playing them out in a very snaggy peg on purple hydro to 0.21 line !

He played one fish for some 25 minutes , speculation it was a carp or Barbel.

'Take another picture Mark ? ' ....... slip

and again mate !

Plop ! back in the water.

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