Sunday, 29 March 2015


The SENSAS Loughborough Canal Masters on Sunday 15th March was final of the leagues finest with many big named anglers gracing this prestigious finale . Midlands Angling Supplies Ltd had their representative ; John Kilby participating and this added to our excitement as being such a young fishing company/match fishing club we have seen all out MAS anglers take part in a final this season , we had :

Vince Callaghan in the Evesham masters
John Kilby in this Canal masters final
Me in the Soar masters final
David Herron has fished many large festivals in Ireland and secured a top 20 spot in the World pairs .
Ian Chadburn and Adam Harrison also securing good wins in the northern leagues.

The morning of the final and Steve Hurst and Nick Moss were in fine voice and anticipation
(sorry to hear about your dad this week Nick )

Just around the bend from this section a few anglers were participating in Roach soup ! - This does bode well for the day !?

Peg 100 , my old peg from no.5 qualifier , just losing a large Perch cost me qualification.

Nick on peg 98

John on 86

Simon Wilmsmore to the left took an early netter.

I had to leave an hour into the match and John was keeping up with the competition but later on he had a bad last 2.5 hours and no bonus fish. He learnt a lot in the match and in the series so hopefully next year he is wiser and will have that experience to get even better results ….Well done John K.

2015 - GREENHILL AC - A few hours on the Moat in Roach heaven

Took the opportunity to get a few hours at the 'moat' on this time peg 6 . Dean was there again and he sat on peg 3. The day was dry and a little sunny with a constantly changing directional breeze causing the surface scum to migrate through the peg on occasions .

 Armed with a menu board of caster , maggot and pinkies and 2 bags of SENSAS Gros Gardons.

Set up 2 rigs using EXNER light pencil floats (prototype)  to 0.15gr . Using SENSAS COMPETITION 0.12 line to SENSAS COMPETITION 0.08 bottom using. Hook choice was the SENSAS 4530 Bronze size 20 and 22. Elastic used was SENSAS Crazy Hollow Yellow and SENSAS Magic Latex 0.90.

The Moat peg 6 is only about 3'6'' deep and that is almost from your feet to about 12m then it shallows up to the far bank at 14m.  Decided to fish at 6m then gradually bring the fish in closer to 3m .

Best bait at the moment is a Pinkie but with the fish getting more active then caster and maggot could be the method to gain the larger samples.

I potted in 5 balls laced with some samples and also placed 2 balls closer at 3m to keep trying that line.

Set up perfect ……just need fish.

I was not disappointed after an initial 3 small Roach and Perch the large Dogs of war shown up and basically took over the area as the smaller fish never got a look in . The bites took longer to develop but eventually after 3.5 hours fishing i had 30 fish and some 20 of them were of a dog size.

 You cannot beat red-fin fishing.

 Nice Rudd

Dean also had a good net full of fish in just a few hours.

Estimated 10-12lb of Dogius Rutilus. Several fish over the pound with a good 7/8 fish at 12/14oz size.

Proper fishing at a proper fishing club in the Leicestershire countryside.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Thurlaston moat a small complex made up of 2 waters in the countryside some 400 yards from the main roads deep in the countryside where tranquility with nature is achieved. A beautiful crisp morning greeted me as i took a walk in the early morning to establish a peg i want to fish. The water was its usual brownish colour which is really good considering there are only a handful of carp in there . I think the natural spring that runs through it combined with a hefty population of Roach , Rudd , Perch , Crucian , Brown Goldfish , Chub , Barbel and many Tench keep a certain brownish colour all year round. However in the Summer the colour takes on a beautiful Emerald colour next to the profusions of lily beds that resurrect during the peak summer months.

A view from Peg 6 to the entrance and car park

My choice was peg 7 with Dean on Peg 10

Fish after fish were eager to snap up my single pinkie on a 22's hook to 0.08 bottom line using 4's elastic .

The odd small Perch showed

Considering the Roach had just come through the winter the roach were in pristine condition.

Rutilus rutilus dogius roachius

Great condition fish

The fruits of 4 hours fishing in the morning are clear to see with 64 fish for an approx. 11-13lb

A great time at the Moat and no doubt it will fish more and more as the waters warm up in the Spring sunshine . If you approach the fishing right you can take a good net of fish . I fished with light lines and hooks and floats not taking more than 0.2gr . Fish to a pimple of a bristle tip and keep enticing a bite by gradually moving and raising the float .

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Saturday, 21 March 2015


March 18th brought together the clubs anglers for the annual affairs and accounts plus the trophy winners. After a good evening of business the members were treated to what tackle is available through the MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES LTD . Vince Callaghan and myself did our best to serve all anglers with their requests and orders.

On the evening we had the lowest price SENSAS 760 box in the UK on offer at £320-00 ! A special GAC-AGM price only as we normally sell at £369-00.

Many rods and reels and luggage were available but the best sales were in the ground bait and floats as we had some 2000 floats on display.