Sunday, 29 March 2015

2015 - GREENHILL AC - A few hours on the Moat in Roach heaven

Took the opportunity to get a few hours at the 'moat' on this time peg 6 . Dean was there again and he sat on peg 3. The day was dry and a little sunny with a constantly changing directional breeze causing the surface scum to migrate through the peg on occasions .

 Armed with a menu board of caster , maggot and pinkies and 2 bags of SENSAS Gros Gardons.

Set up 2 rigs using EXNER light pencil floats (prototype)  to 0.15gr . Using SENSAS COMPETITION 0.12 line to SENSAS COMPETITION 0.08 bottom using. Hook choice was the SENSAS 4530 Bronze size 20 and 22. Elastic used was SENSAS Crazy Hollow Yellow and SENSAS Magic Latex 0.90.

The Moat peg 6 is only about 3'6'' deep and that is almost from your feet to about 12m then it shallows up to the far bank at 14m.  Decided to fish at 6m then gradually bring the fish in closer to 3m .

Best bait at the moment is a Pinkie but with the fish getting more active then caster and maggot could be the method to gain the larger samples.

I potted in 5 balls laced with some samples and also placed 2 balls closer at 3m to keep trying that line.

Set up perfect ……just need fish.

I was not disappointed after an initial 3 small Roach and Perch the large Dogs of war shown up and basically took over the area as the smaller fish never got a look in . The bites took longer to develop but eventually after 3.5 hours fishing i had 30 fish and some 20 of them were of a dog size.

 You cannot beat red-fin fishing.

 Nice Rudd

Dean also had a good net full of fish in just a few hours.

Estimated 10-12lb of Dogius Rutilus. Several fish over the pound with a good 7/8 fish at 12/14oz size.

Proper fishing at a proper fishing club in the Leicestershire countryside.

All tackle shown can be purchased at

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