Monday, 23 July 2018

2018 - Sunday July 22nd - Trosa weir

Took an opportunity to fish for a few hours on the TROSA SFK controlled water while Carola took it easy in the town shopping and cafe hopping. Took the usual corn which i caught 100% on with tares and hemp and some VDE Brasem ground bait for initial feed.

Fished the still area at 9metres and close in at 4metres , big line , big hook , crude i know .

Caught steady all day and had about 30-40 roach and a few Björkna with a single Perch , 2 Bream and a nice Ide

Pretty as a picture

The days catch


5 and a 3 lb ers

Ide of about 2 lb

Will fish again but next time in the town and get those Bream shoals to feed


Saturday, 21 July 2018

2018 - Sensas floats available in stock

Sensas floats always in stock - see you there with TRABUCCO and their awesome gear . Come and talk with Philip Medhurst UK TRABUCCO manager and myself.

2018 , June - Sweden ,Södertälje,Scania Lake ........return after some 6 years .

It was back in 2012 when i had a 'Red letter' day on the local lake next to the Scania Truck and Bus works where i worked . I forget the exact figure but i think it was 67 fish between 2lb and 4lb , all Bream , i did catch Roach but threw them and any small skimmers back so they would not get crushed . In this photograph i had soaked the grass with 3 bucket fulls of water and a bucket over the fish and kept the photo in the shade . As soon as it was taken they were lifted  back into the water and no fatalities were reported.

So now in 2018 on my third time at Scania i fished it again with minimal equipment at my disposal . The day in question was very hot just like what has been happening all over Europe recently with this relentless heat.
Started on the exact same peg from years ago , how nostalgic !  Anyway the day proved fruitful with bites all day on dead reds and corn on a 1.5 SENSAS Abbieville on a 0.15/0.12 rig to SENSAS 3405 SIZE 14 . Used a Van den EYDE 2 kilo bag of 'BLACK TURBO' with a tin of hemp thrown in to keep it fizzing.

End of day (4 hours ) I had 14 Bream , several skimmers and 25 plus Roach to 1lb and a single perch on the Corn !!

Back at the apartment  - 'I guess i got slimed'