Thursday, 26 December 2013

2013 - December 26th - English Boxing day - TROSA

After 9 days with the flu and no activity in the gym or with fishing i decided to get out for my last time in Sweden before my move on January 7th.
I met up with club member Jimmy Kungsman and we decided to fish opposite the Bohmans Hotel where the water was slack as the flow of the canal was the fastest i had ever seen it due to the recent rain deluge we received in the last week.
I sat on mooring no.2 and Jimmy sat about no.5 We both made up a kilo of ground bait and fished a light float on the pole to about 1.8m depth.  I also set up a 7m whip in case it got frantic.

A milky warmth came through the horizon clouds just to make it a little more bearable in our 2 degrees.

To my left the town.

In front my target area is the posts at 13metres .

All set up and ready , car behind , good pole peg and a beautiful winters day.

 19 Good roach from Jimmy for about 3 kilos

Only skimmers for me for about 1.5 kilos

It was strange day when there was indication all the time but we struggled to get a proper bite. We fished light floats down to the tips and the float was up and down all the time and you would only catch once in every 5 strikes on average. In fact there was that many fish we both caught half our fish 'foul-hooked' ! Wish we had bloodworm/joker as i think you could have caught 10 times as much but we did rather well on old pinkies.

Still a fitting end to my time in Sweden , have enjoyed it immensely .Next stop UK .