Monday, 16 October 2017

2017 - WL2 15th October

With yet again low clear water conditions the expectancy was for Perch to dominate the weights yet again and the Pike ambushing to continue . The Waterside under new management was up bright and early with 2 chefs on but unfortunately the extra help to serve did not turn up and that will be rectified for next Sunday . Also there will be a varied Breakfast Menu to be acceptable for everyone's pocket however to have a nice Headquarters like this is exceptional.

First to the Draw was QUORN as they were honoured to scales and boards . Tony Marshall the days top individual takes first pick for his team.


Breakfast time and a real good buzz in the place

I drew Kegworth Peg 1

Worms , worms and more worms ....... i wonder what fish is being targeted ?

Clive LLoyd on the 1860

 Dave Petch on Osiers

Darran 'whats his name ? '

John Kilby at Cossington

Nice net JK

Sean Ashby took the Little Meadow

Ross on the 1860

Monday, 9 October 2017

2017 - SVWL 1

Prior to the first WL of 2017 there was a good dose of rain mid week and that created a few concerns if the river was to be in available . However the rain went through very quickly and left all the sections tap water clear be it with a little more pace.
I decided not to fish the first match but to perambulate on as many sections as possible to view the days events. The draw at the Waterside was breakfast-less due to change of management but i have been assured the food will be available for the next 5 matches.
First section visit was Cossington which eventually contained the day's top weight with a massive 10 kilos of predominately Perch for Starlets man Matt Parkin on end peg 7. Sileby next and  Wigston - Shimano Steve Gardner took this on end peg with a handsome 5 kilos with a silvers dominated catch. My travels then took me to Waterside where i witnessed a fine 'Billy' for Ross Winfield of the Bennetts stable on peg 2 with 5+ kilos . I then went onto 1860 where Quorn VDE Davis ____ on peg 1 took the honours on pole and pole feeder .
I then carried onto Osiers where the weights were the largest on the day for any section with Quorn VDE Dave Petch taking best weight. Greens on pegs 6 + 7 was a Pike nightmare and the section was taken with 6 kilos plus for Sensas Starlets Sean Ashby on end peg 1. Finally i returned to Little Meadow where Quorn VDE Toby Bunting took the spoils with 4.9 kilos. I was not able to see Proctors / Kegworth / Normanton .

It obvious the evasive Penny wart weed is causing massive problems and you can be assured that all the controlling clubs are actively contacting the national bodies who are supposed to control this problem.

Up to the start of this Winter League there were members of the League out on the banks feverishly gaining pegs for us and they really do deserve a mention:

Tony Marshall and securing the ferry master services
Dave Petch
Adey reynolds
Colmic Soar Tackle
Loughborough SAS - Brian Hulls lads also magnificent on creating pegs on Osiers 
Pete Jayes and Adam Nurse -superb job on the finances
Kev Hales for the scales and boards
Ross Winfield with an excellent job on the draw 
Rob Wootton and Darran Bickerton on the results analysis.
......if i have missed anyone .....i apologise !

............ PLEASE when your at the bar next after a WL ........Shake their hands and/or buy them a drink

See you on WL2

Jamie Tarplee - MAS peg 3 , good peg till that dam weed pushed  you out from the killing area
Rob Wootton with a second place - jus look at that Penny wart - EA , get your arses in gear and get it cleared !!
Greens 7
J...J....J.....Joe Roberts ? .......has the most gear and the heaviest gear in the world !

Adam Nurse peg at Little Meadow

Looking downstream from the bridge  at Little Meadow

Joe Roberts on peg 2 (with the heaviest gear )
Look at that Penny Wart on peg 2
Cossington - can dropped by scum

Cossington and another tin dropped by scum
Cossington and the scum actions continue
Captain Clive Lloyd of the Midlands Angling Supplies
Clive with his bunch of Maurizio Schiepatti floats , his CL range

Clive informing the world of fishing his love for the hook of his life !

Boaters took over the Broom AC length - wait a minute the bank side is free public ownership - you cant do that  !? - Please report them - Boaters -Law unto them selves  !

Default section winner Tom Pringle Wigston-Shimano

Joff Woodgetts younger brother on peg 2

Mick Hitchen of Buckos LEF on peg 1

Scum droppings
scum droppings
Peg 1 Sileby
Peg 3 Sileby
Stu Timpson - owner of Bennets tackle, Mountsorrel

Julian Warrington of Midlands Angling Supplies with a better roach

Stevie Gardiner of Shimano-Wigston - winner of the section with 5 kilos plus

Visit to the Waterside and more Scum Droppings - low lifes !
Draw manager Ross Winfield of the Bennetts team with area result to take the section
Billius Bigius Perchius

Lead man Scott Johnson and owner of Kegworth Colmic Soar tackle with a worthy second place .

Martin Jacques of MAS on peg 6

Peg 7 Neil Powell with a section 3rd and so close winner with plus 5 kilos and too many Pike attacks

Peg 1 Osiers - a bit sludgy
Scum material again
Peg 2

Jamie TARPLEE peg 3 and the weed making it difficult

Winner Little Meadow with 4.9 kilos
Stan the man Piecha with a 2.9 kilos 2nd place  on peg 6

Charlie Gooch with a hard earned 5th place