Friday, 25 November 2016


Only slight concern was with the pathway along the canal section to the open river , surface mud which was drying all the time in the wind and sun.

Would be a great place to fish as many fishing in turning on surface . Watched  a chub hit the surface as well as many roach as Pike we believe were herding them . Roach Soup !

Peg 1

Colour was dropping , not chocolate anymore , a little bit more dusty coloured . In another 45 hours before kick off on Sunday expect colour to be spot on !

It looks bad but was solid under foot through the puddle and helped clean the boots

A little bit tacky up to peg 7

CONCLUSION : Fishable certainly and with 45 hours to go it will be very favourable . Only 7 anglers won't make too much of a mess on the bank walkway , yes it will be muddy but imagine what 70 anglers at Sutton would do ?

DEEPS - TOP END - Flesh Hovel Lane 

Few puddles but drying out and ground is hard with hardcore mix in the ground - no worries !

Parking - no problems and no large puddles - drying out all the time

CONCLUSION : Track and carpark fine , bank side all dried-out as water never flooded over it . I would recommend re-pegging to fit 7 in and you would still have loads of space , re-peg and have 4 to the left of the foot bridge from the car park and three to the right. Few fish turning on surface.

GREENS - Did not walk the bank but if you fish top of the bank should be no problem - i reckon it could be won from here !  No serious puddles and think the top of bank never really flooded so more dry - Would advise to take top peg out on bend as racing through .

COBBLES - No worries ! , superb all the cobbles pathway is dry . Re-Peg and easily get 7 anglers in.- Small Fish topping , its pushing through but its steady smooth water and no boils. - Looks good and will be a lot further down by KO Sunday.

Shakespeare OMNI Top 4 found - very old , still with elastic inside.

PARKING COBBLES : - No problem , no mud , no puddles , stick to high bank to the right .

Entrance has no mud just hardcore - easy exit !

WATERSIDE -Early pegs 

Bank a little bit muddy but nothing serious as sun and wind drying out fast.

CONCLUSION - Fishable and could re-peg to get 7 in the first two fields and still have plenty of space as your not really long trotting. Don't think the bank would be a problem under the road bridge to the other 3 section pegs .

1860  - At least a foot inside its bank in front of the weir.  In fact is good slap water and 7 pegs together would be nice   :)   .......however looking at the pegs they appeared to be okay . You may have to fish up on the bank but remember that last time you fished here the water was very low from lack of rain from previous months . With 45 hours to go - no problem , get them stick floats out !

You can see the debris from the flood buy the bank was no problem walking , no surface mud at all .

Flow obviously strong and turbulent but has a few slacks near and far sides .

To summarise i would say all the 5 sections we viewed today are well fishable with 45 hours still to take the river level down .  Re-pegging could be required on Waterside but Cossington is fine . 1860 might want to be re-pegged as i think peg 3 between the trees needs more scope. A peg between 2 and  3 would help. Cobbles is perfect and get all 7 on the 'stones' as plenty of space there. Deeps looks lovely and needs a re-peg to get 7 in with plenty of space for all .

I think Sutton still has a part to play as not all sections will be good. Need to get opinions back on LEV/LEF , Little Meadow , Abbey ? i presume Proctors is out due to car concerns on the field ?

captains THE CHOICES are yours as we must know that if it all went down Sutton what would be the state of 70 anglers feet/trolleys on the pathway plus Soar lane would be horrendous . My feeling is to have at least 4 sections there , you just need to decide on another 6 .