Sunday, 25 November 2012

2012 - Norrkoping in the fog and 0 degrees ! brrrrrrr!

Kent Adell organised another knock-up match and 10 attended but the Holst did not ? is he turning to the 'gay-side' has he taken up Golf ?
The match had rules and the rules are fish further out than 15 metres but only with Slider .Bolo or Feeder, simple !
The famous Kanal section was the venue where in the summer weights of 50-70 kilos are attainable ! The kanal is also where the SM for 2013 will be contested , excellent choice of venus  and an excellent choice of town with the night life and bars / restaurants to go with it .

The Kent 'Browning' Adellsson

Brrrrrr! it was chilly but the spirits and laughing of the attendees kept the cold at bay , for a little while !

Dino's everywhere !

I was on peg 7 with 8,9,and end peg Adell was spooky misty just like an English foggy day.

My tackle was 1 Casini 7m bolo with a DINO Cosmos 12gram . A Slider with a 14gram carbon slider from Dino . Feeder rod was a 12' Carbonactive with straight bomb and floating Brasem soaked maggots.
Groundbait was 2 bags of VDE SUPERBLACK ROACH , 1 bag VDE SUPERCUP and 1 kilo of Black Dispersing TRAPPER LEAM. A few casters , dead maggots and pinkies plus a little corn in the mix.

To my left was JT and the rest of the anglers. It prooved to be really hard there as after Johan there was very few fish caught plus 2 blanks !!

The weigh-ins were quick from peg 1 to 5 as very little was caught from a starr studded clutch of angler , too bad !

Nice bucket of roach from the DJKrazy

For 3 hours and 20 minutes JT had only 2 roach then a Krazy 40 minutes he was bagging and had a respectable 3.7 kilos.

Peg 7 and a frozen me , i had so many clothing layers on yet i was still cold !

Nice bucket of 5.090 kilos caught mostly on bomb and floating maggot . The slider and Bolo netted me just 2 fish.

Nearly a Catastrofy when unhooking his keepnet , Christer let accidentally the keepnet drop to the water , slowly it sank but he managed to erect a pole and drag it to the surface with the help of the trusty Christer Engvall they managed to raise it from the water with no losses !!

Phew ! we all laughed at the time but at least he got his net back !

6,885 and 3rd

Jan Backe on peg 2 was 2nd with 13,4 kilos

Then the Kent !

Nice bag !

In they roll !

The winner !

1. Kent Adell, 21 020 gram peg10

2. Jan Backe, 13 410 gram peg 9

3. Christer Pansar, 6 885 gram peg 8

4. Phil Ackerly, 5 090 gram peg 7

5. Roger Järling, 3 735 gram peg 4

6. Tikkanen, 3 710 gram peg 6

7. Kenneth, 1 800 gram peg 5

8. Christer Engvall, 260 gram peg 2

9. Tom Östlund, 190 gram peg 3

10. Fredrik, 0 gram peg 1


Home and now it was a heat wave ! 2 degrees !

Saturday, 17 November 2012

2012 TROSA NOV 17TH and 10 nice anglers

Trosa , my favourite fishing place as there is so much diversity of fish to target. You can catch big nets of Bream or big nets nets of roach and skimmers during the year and also it has a huge head of Bleak when you need to fish for them . It has so many species , it is a fishermans heaven  in beautiful surroundings.

Hasses bait and Dino Rigs , these EA2004's are very popular

The Axe man of Trosa SFK

My set up for the day

Stefan to my left

Hasse to my right

Match started and after 20 minutes Hasse takes skimmers

I have 2 whips with 3gr Prestons and a top 4 of with a Dino Premier 3gr

The match was a slow starter and i had no bites like most people for at least an hour . Rolf on end peg was first to catch then young Johan on peg 1 started to get a few followed by Hasse taking several skimmers in the first hour,
Then they arrived with peg 1 , 2 and peg 3 started to catch regular , then Stefan to my right caught and i had nothing ! But then the magical bite started me on a bagging session that lasted through the remainder of the match

It was tough on the end peg for Rolf as few fish were caught.

The AXE man took all his fish in the last hour for 7 kilos

The Tikkanen also took his fish late for a nice 8 kilos

Lena caught well on the pole

Stefan to my left took 13 kilos

I had 17.5 kilos for 3rd

Hasse had 21 kilos for 2nd place

The winner with 23,8 kilos

Young Johan helped himself to 14 kilos

Top Junior angler Johan collects his just deserts

Winner with 23 kilos , great display at mostly 4 metres.

The 10 !

Trosa 2012-11-22. Resultatlista Trosa River open. 17/11-12.

Placering. Namn. Peg. Vikt.

1 Bert Åkerblom 2 23 800 gr

2 Hasse Örtenholm 3 22 100 gr

3 Phil Ackerley 4 17 500 gr

4 Johan Kindlund 1 14 000 gr Junior

5 Stefan Eriksson 5 13 600 gr

6 Johan Tikkanen 7 10 000 gr

7 Lena Wahlberg 6 8 500 gr

8 Johan Axelsson 9 7 000 gr

9 Percy Bristam 8 6 800 gr

10 Roffe Wahlberg 10 1 410 gr

Trosagänget vill tacka Er all för trevligt sällskap i vår lilla å och önska Er all ett Gott Nytt Fiskeår 2013.

Johan – Hasse – Steffe och Percy.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

2012 - Jonkoping November Matchman of the year

The last big competition of the year is the MoTY and it brings together the anglers from all around Sweden , including Norway. Places to fish this match are getting limited by the year as redevelopment and new buildings start to cover former fishing areas.
The competition is organised by Jocke Palmer of the ITackle along with his trusted friends the VMBK.

Think this bait will be the difference between catching and not ! Vince who i ate with the night before in the hotel informed me he practiced for 3 hours without a bite and when Vince does not get a bite your know its tough !

Lars last day as a bait seller/distributor before Jocke takes over the running of his company.

From C section looking over to A section

From C section looking over to B section

C section looking into the corner

The Kent getting his feeder prepared with new braid

The start and the words of wizdom from Jocke

Time for a coffee in preperation of my expected peg allocation

I drew peg A3 next to Freddan Von Browningsson on A4

To my left was Tommy on end peg with the Larssonator inbetween.

Well what a strange day ! I started well with 9 roach in the next after the first 40 minutes after an initial bombardment of half VDE SuperBlack and half leam with some dead maggot and pinkie and about 0,25 joker. Top ups during the day with double leam and joker and catapulting some pinkie and maggot when needed. But the middle 2 hours were awful and i tried everything and tried to be careful not to overfeed. I tried feeder and slider without a bite , nobody else did either when tried. Last hour picked up a Perch and 5 roach for a grand total of 860 grams , FredVB had 1020 grams. The weights got better to our left and right in the section .

Back to the hotel for a snooze before the evenings hard luck stories.

Very nice lady singer in the Piano bar.

The 'Stig'

After a rather 'bland' buffet meal in the main restaurant area we all dispersed into the main bar and upstairs

What will Sunday produce ?

I decided not to fish as my mind was on my work for Monday so i informed The match organisers and travelled home. Apparently i did not miss anything as the Sunday produced even harder results ! Shame but its still a great match ,great venue and we all comeback twice a year . Maybe the weights will be better in 2013 ?
Big thanks to Jocke and good luck with his new appointments.

Big thanks to Lasse for all his commitment to bait selling over the last few years.

The results :-

Matchman 2012 Resultat

1.Roger Bengtsson 1+1 3440

2.Jon Anders Valle 1+1 1860

3.Lars Lind 1+2 3440

4.Tommy Strengelsrud 2+2 3200

5.Jonas Jansson 2+2 1860

6.Tom Rune Fjellberg 1+4 3680

7.Daniel Blom 2+3 2800

8.Tom Östlund 1+5 1420

9.Mattias Larsson 2+4 1680

10.Anssi Lehtevä 3+3 2260

11.Kent Adell 1+6 2960

12.Lasse Magnuson 1+6 2140

13.Stig Borlinger 1+6 2040

14.Rickard Bengtsson 2+5 2600

15.Tommy Lindblom 2+5 2420

16.Fredrik Andersson 2+5 2320

17.Stefan Holst 3+4 2420

18.Vince Dowling 3+4 1220

19.Charles Fasth 3+5 1960

20.Bosse Augustsson 3+5 1780

21.Christer Pantzar 3+5 620

22.Johan Nilsson 3+6 1300

23.Jimmy Johansson 4+5 580

24.Finn E Lerdalen 4+6 1080

25.Arne Andersson 4+6 340

26.Mikael Tono 3+8 1060

27.Kristian Ekman 4+7 1200

28.Emir Nastic 5+6 500

29.Jens Jungevik 4+8 900

30.Phil Ackerley 6+8 860

31.Joakim Palmér 6+8 340

32.Dag Even Nygårdseter 7+7 560