Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Soderhamn 2010 october 23-24 roach/ide fest - part 2

Day 2 and its breaking ice time but not for me and Johan as our hands are bad from previous days ice clearance. The majoroty of the anglers all helped over both days and this attributed to the matches starting and finishing at the correct periods.
Stefan Swee gave his opinion for the days event.

As the morning unfolded.

Ladies at the draw

The master of ceremonies Folke

Weigh time ......better day for me with a 50-50% split of skimmers and roach all on the worm , still could not get a fish on the maggot.......15.5 kilos

Rolf with a nice bag to 16 kilos

Other side of the bridge also had good weights

Thomas drew in the same area again and again did the business with a superb 34 kilos for an overall total of 72660 kilos in 2 days of fishing an hole in the ice !!!

Score card

Top 3 for the weekend Jens Persson - Thomas Soderlund - Micke Carlsson





43.Marcus Enström 24860gr 2

42.Anssi Lehetevi 13000gr 8

43.Alf Persson 13160gr 6

1.Tommy Hjärtström 0gr 12

2.Phil Ackerley 15360gr 5

3.Stig Rahn 3300gr 10

4.Göran Englund 5380gr 9

5.Rolf Andersson 16000gr 4

6.Lars Johansson 13120gr 7

7.Tommy Sjöstrand 18160gr 3

8.Thomas Söderlund 34180gr 1


9.Johan Jonsson 14660gr 6

10.Leif Hagström 0gr 12

11.Karl-Olov Wikström 19600gr 1

12.Thomas Enström 10780gr 9

13.Stig Enström 11600gr 7

14.Kennert Johansson 17420gr 3

15.Roger Järling 15100gr 5

16.Benni Stefanutti 17780gr 2

17.Kurt-Arne Larsson 16340gr 4

18.Bo Enström 11500gr 8

19.Bengt Forsling 9160gr 10


20.Joakim Wahlberg 3940gr 10

21.Mattias Larsson 11540gr 7

22.Peter Eriksson 8140gr 9

23.Leif Persson 8740gr 8

24.Örjan Tengerström 3720gr 11

25.Ulf Hedlund 18620gr 3

26.Patrik Liss 18920gr 2

27.Folke Andersson 14320gr 6

28.Stefan Swee 18460gr 4

29.Harriet Englund 17500gr 5

30.Krister Bergman 22720gr 1


31.Leif Karlström 11480gr 7

32.Lena Andersson 10420gr 8

33.Maj Stenberg 10400gr 9

34.Sven-Erik Olovsson 5740gr 10

35.Rolf Wahlberg 24900gr 5

36.Jonas Gustavsson 25440gr 4

37.Johan Tikkanen 19780gr 6

38.Tom Östlund 25520gr 3

39.Mikael Karlsson 34860gr 2

40.Kent Persson 39440gr 1

Tre bästa över två dagar

1.Thomas Söderlund 72660gr

2.Kent Persson 53020gr

3.Mikael Karlsson 53020gr

Folke Tunabygden Sfk, 2010-10-26 19:25:07





Peg namn vikt plac.

1.Joakim Wahlberg 6240gr 9

2.Göran Englund 5760gr 10

3.Harriet Englund 9120gr 8

4.Rolf Andersson 9600gr 7

5.Tommy Sjöstrand 25200gr 2

6.Thomas Söderlund 38480gr 1

7.Leif Persson 12780gr 4

8.Johan Tikkanen 12280gr 5

9.Tom Östlund 13340gr 3

10.Roger Järling 11280gr 6


11.Stig Enström 14680gr 1

12.Örjan Tengerström 6320gr 8

13.Leif Hagström 5900gr 9

14.Leif Karlström 6520gr 7

15.Sven-Erik Olovsson 4540gr 10

16.Phil Ackerley 8680gr 6

17.Tommy Hjärtström 10440gr 4

18.Kent Persson 13580gr 2

19.Anssi Lehtervi 11900gr 3

20.Stig Rahn 9480gr 5


21.Marcus Enström 10760gr 6

22.Folke Andersson 7840gr 8

23.Johan Jonsson 7580gr 9

24.Mattias Larsson 27540gr 1

25.Thomas Enström 20960gr 3

26.Stefan Swee 7200gr 10

27.Lars Johansson 19880gr 4

28.Markku Kalliokoski 8260gr 7

29.Krister Bergman 22240gr 2

30.Peter Eriksson 12380gr 5


31.Benni Stefanutti 9200gr 8

32.Ulf Hedlund 13720gr 4

33.Mikael Karlsson 12040gr 5

34.Jonas Gustavsson 5580gr 10

35.Patrik Liss 7160gr 9

36.Rolf Wahlberg 10560gr 6

37.Kurt-Arne Larsson 9540gr 7

38.Bo Enström 15040gr 3

39.Karl-Olov Wikström 21140gr 2

40.Kennert Johansson 22700gr 1


41.Alf Persson 12800gr 2

42.Lena Andersson 11880gr 3

43.Bengt Forsling 14440gr 1

44.Maj Stenberg 6400gr 4

Monday, 25 October 2010

Soderhamn 2010 october 23-24 roach/ide fest - part 1

Soderhamn on the east coast of Sweden is the weekends venue and we were expecting big weights but unfortunately we had earlier frosts than usual and that meant breaking ice ! Undetered, resolutely most of the competitors started to create holes in the ice for all the pegs. Johan and myself completed over 20 pegs and by the end of it Johans hands was a mess of blisters ! My hands were dropping off as i used a 10 metre boat hook to help clear the ice to the sides.

Johan interviewed Anssi of team Splash and head of Sportsfiskarna.

Some of the brave fellows returning after ice hole breaking
over 30 competitors waiting patiently for the open draw

Folke ......the main man and organiser gives the anglers an intro

Draw time and who's got what ?

Crazy fuckas !

My peg for the day (peg 16)

Tommy to my right

Anssi in my section setting up

Weigh time and Tommy took just under 11 kilos

12 ish kilos

11 ish kilos

My 8.5 kilos ......had 2 fish after 3 hours then  it went mad in the last hour. Fished hard all day , i never gave up and tried different line strengths and hook sizes and different depths. I tried take apart pole and whip and cupped in food all day and sometimes sprayed maggot . Frustrating day yet i really enjoyed the first day of competition. ....................All day i tried maggot but only caught on worm !!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

DM3 - Local district match organized by Constellation fishing club

Saturday 9th october and Constellation Fishing club organised the last District match of the year on Sodertalje Canal. This event was also the first event where new team : MATCH ANGLERS UNITED fished their first match so they can qualify for Sweden's SM competition next year.

12 people were fishing today with many Swedish Internationals included.

Lars Boden was soon into the mix producing mixes for the Slider and pole/whip line.

Mats in the Mix !

My boat was coming in for a clean !?    :-))

Brothers Roger and Kenneth give their views on todays event

Everyone gathering around waiting for the draw

Johan Nudd Tikannen started with the intro for the days match

Da man commands the audience

Team MAU member Tim taking a peg on his first match in Sweden

Our only lady competitor

Cars to your peg  - what a great venue

I have drawn the end peg in B section ....B7
Slider depth was 6-7 metres with the whip and pole line being 3-4 metres

Anssi was next to me so i need to fish well .

The match fished very poor , after the initial groundbait bombardment the anglers soon realised that the fish were not for feeding properley so many started to change to ultra-light rigs with 0.08 and 22's.

 Our lady competitor on B5 had the fish of the day .....a 1.5 kilo bream
 Anssi on B6 was the winner with just over 5 kilos including a bonus slab

 I had to work hard for 2nd place with 83 small roach for 3.5 kilos and they all came in the last 2 hours after only picking up 2 on the slider.
 All small roach

Great shame the whole match length did not fish as the Swedish Internationals fishing with us could have produced 10 kilos of fish normally .........thats fishing , you cannot legislate for it.

1st place overall in the series is Tom Ostland 

2nd place overall was Lars Boden

Best junior overall with 2 bags of groundbait

4th place overall was MAU -man Mats Larsson

3rd place overall was Rolf

5th place overall was my self........Johan Tikkanen did a great job over the whole series and was applauded