Monday, 21 March 2016


A great match in the calendar is always worth attending when you mention the name : IVAN MARKS

So when an invite came out from Adam Nurse one of the front men in that great Leicestershire club ; Wigston AC that there was a match celebrating the life of one of the greatest , probably THE greatest then its a no brainer so you say; YES !

Car loaded

MAS rods Neil and Jamie consuming copious amounts of coffee to gain some brain cells after Neil led us astray with all that drinking at the BAKERS ARMS  and eating at the local Indiam food hostelry ........and certainly Neil was allowing the gases to make themselves known in detection and in noise !!

E6 for me in an unused section

The man the myth the legend of Clive Lloyd to my left

Assortment of bait ........what will work , if any ?

MAS male model , rock star , Stick float connoisseur and just a great bloke like all the MAS

Maurizio Schiepatti 'Beau' , CANAL STICK floats are just awesome !

Rob Wootty with a section win with 1-7

D section winner , my old mate Deryck Reaney (Got me my contract design job for German company ; Draxelmeir at Jaguar Land Rover design centre.

John Waples and the boys

Winner of the IM Cup presented by Adam Nurse

The mad men of MAS

Good mate and Fellow TRENT MAN Deryck Reaney , 3rd overall and goes home with the spoils