Monday, 30 November 2009

2005 Whiteacres PRESTON INNOVATIONS autumn festival - Bolingey day

Weighing time ...... i think this about peg 24-ish - notice the weighing mat which is compulsory !
Had a really bad week with a 5/9 , 4/9 ,9/9 and the fourth day i fish my favourite water of the week on peg 34 of the right-hand arm of the to the man .....Steve Ringer. I know Steve to say '' hi'' to as i have fished with him in the Makins Winter leagues. Today he drew peg 35 and its normally the peg to win off.
Steve starts the match by potting in meat at 14metres and fishes feeder to the far side with groundbait and caster in the feeder. After an hour he is 5-1 in front of me with fish and after about 3 hours ......i think he was about 11-4 on fish........but then i struck back at him and took some serious 'animal' carp in the margins to 8lb size on red-meat. Steve responded also by fishing margins and at the final whistle he had won the section with about 90+ lbs to my 79lbs. I got second place and learnt alot from the full-time angler......he is a gentleman !

Steves weigh in and confirmation of his section win

Carp know him by name at Bolingey :-))

Adam Wakelin from the Whiteacres fishing shop staff completes the weigh in . His arms must be strong as he lifts and holds an average of 1500lb of fish every match times 5 days !!! is 7500lbs of fish for the week !!!........he does that all year in all the other Whiteacres run matches.

Adam calling the weight

Richie Hull .......think he was peg 26-ish ......winner of another section

Winner of another section and overall second on lake from peg 29

so much fish !!

Whiteacres top-30 regular ; Mick Lees - got 4th in my section on end peg 37 with about 40-50lb

2003 Mallory Park fisheries - leicestershire

Glebe fishery - the number 1 fishery in the U.K. owned by Roy Marlow who runs Mallory Park Fisheries. I was a member in 2003 and he allowed Freddan a FREE day on the water. We fished 'UGLYS-POOL' , why ugly , well alot of the fish came out of power station water tank and they were deformed but very fit !!
Note the white tip pole which is essential when fishing 10-20 cm up in the water as not to spook the carp.
Freddan with is best carp of the day.........i think he like this place - he must have had well over 200lb of fish including bream.

2006 A typical english commercial fishery - Lakeview

LAKEVIEW FISHERIES ,LEICESTER . - typical fishery which has been born out of farmers needing to survive as they cannot live under European Union hardship with giving subsidies to all other european farmers but us !! - so to generate more income alot of farmers gave up part of their land sports like fishing , small golf courses ,extreme sports ,shooting courses.

Near Melton on the Leicestershire border this fishery is equipped with club house ,breakfast bar and tackle-bait shop. More commercial fisheries have arisen due to poor fishing in english rivers due to very sterile water coming out of sewerage stations and problems with cormorants , the black death of fishing waters.

2009 november Södertälje kanal .......big ship canal full of fish

ANOTHER SESSION ON MY FAVOURITE SWEDISH CANAL Today fished the kanal opposite ASTRA.......same peg as usual.
Started about 09:45.......cupped in leam/ANTBAIT bloodworm mix 50/50 with some chopped worms ....2 times....started on pole at 13metres.......first put-in.......float goes down ........missed it !.......10 minutes later down weed on my hook but looked at it closer it was a 'ruffe' could of only been 3 cm long !!!!
Continued for 30 minutes and nothing but had plenty of small bites on 1.5gr float with 0.08 line and 22's hook , single red maggot.
went onto slider at 25-30 metres.....depth about 6 metres approx.......put in 2 balls of ordinary groundbait (Antbait bloodworm mix darkened)..........1 hour .......NOTHING !!
Had a lunch then started again on the pole.......cupped in 1 ball laced with chopped worms,caster and maggot.
First time in....float down ....and a roach !!!.........changed to whip after as the wind was less ......did'nt stop after that, fished till 02:55 ......counted 52 fish all roach plus 1 perch....alot of small roach about 80-120 cm long....some roach were 100gr - 180gr size , had 2 fish about 300 gr each.

weight ?? ......about 3.5 - 4 kilos.

Time to pack the gear away
Last drink of coffee out of the flask and its fish viewing time

100 roach with some small skimmers and perch

Bolo day for top - Constellation man Johan Tikkanen

Sitting comfortable .....then he begins

20s red long shank hook with small maggot

fishing light bolo with a 3gr oli with 2 droppers

Nice in the water

in comes a skimmer

2002-2007 Scania lake , Södertä local pool

Top of the lake and its a netful of fish.........must be 50lb plus of bream ,tench ,crucian and roach
Great crucian

Great tench fishing at the top of the lake

Great bream

Big Tench and a nice crucian

Andy with some nice fish

So much fish ! and there are still more fish to come out the next

If i remember correctly it was 59 bream between 2-4lb all on 8mm pellets at 4metres - What a day that was in May 2006

What a view !!

Everything ready !! lets fish !!

Best 2 bream

And another !!

Cracking fishing !.......bream fight hard here.

Another session with 2 very nice tench

Nice catch of bream and one crucian ......about 16-18lb

Car to my peg !!

What a place and its only 5 minutes from my appartment !!

Maybe about 30lb of fish

Nice tench in there

Stop moving about !!

Lets have a look at these fish ?

Happy days

Great pole fishing i am at the top of the lake where the bream shoals can be big with alot of tench and crucians also

What a beautiful crucian !......caught on corn.......approx.3.5lb

Top of Scania lake in 2006 when it used to fish alot better because of the weed in the water. Unfortunately for the last 2 years the weed is no more as some fools have decided to de-weed the lake somehow - they must have added chemicals to the water - why ??.....who knows ?