Friday, 29 May 2015

The Maurizio Schiepatti story


        For me the Maurizio association started back several years ago when i saw the float manufacture mentioned in a fishing periodical , and i became intrigued . I later find out he used to work for Milo Columbo but went his own way and created a business of class float making.
        I first introduced myself to him back in 2012 when i was still working out in Sweden as a design engineer for Scania trucks. I stated my interest and intent to purchase of him as i already knew his floats were class due to certain individual anglers in the UK who had been dealing with him. These anglers like Awad Jawad were already displaying their float trays populated with the italian's finest floats.
        In 2013 i ordered the first batch of floats and have since not looked back as orders continue to stream in for his most popular styles promoted by Midlands Angling Supplies Ltd. Only just last week i have placed a huge order of about 7 styles of his floats plus also out own designed float which is already drawing interest from the match angling fraternity in the UK.
        Recently we were presented with being a '' PREFERRED STOCKIST IN THE UK '' on behalf of MS floats and we have duly obliged with considerable orders. We shall together with Maurizio and the MAS team develop more float designs for under the MAS banner so watch this space !

To check out the quality of Maurizio please view the following :



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The Mars Bleu is like any other pencil float but these MS floats are constructed to a very high level and their stability in the water is noticeable as the are so positive to fish indication. The float details are :

stainless steel
0,10 / 0,20 / 0,30 / 0,5 / 0,75 / 1 / 1,5 /2 

Next to review is the Mercury which is an excellent whip float that is stable and casts well in the water for whip use between 1.5 to 6metres.

The float details are :

stainless steel
0,10 / 0,20 / 0,30 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1
Primarily for bleak fishing but is at home on the surface for other silver fishing : 

Next up is the Taurus with its unique flat spot on top of the balsa body. The bristle is then the most sensitive part of the float as only a small no.10 to 13 dependant on gram size is required to 'cock' the float to the correct viewing. The were tried and tested on the Stainforth and Keeby canal and also the River Soar and proved to be a useful collection to our anglers.

Tip: fiber glass

Stem: stainless steel

Sizes: 0,30 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1 / 1,50 / 2

Use : highly sensitive when fishing canals and slow moving rivers looking for tiny bites.

The SIRIO became a popular float seller for us due to its versatile shape and visible tip . Our anglers used them consistently and all sizes were stocked in their trays for all occasions.

stainless steel
0,10 / 0,20 / 0,30 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1 / 1,50 / 2 / 3
multi-purpose float for moderate running waters, great for slight holding back

The Regolo proved to be just as favourite with the Sirio float but was possibly preferred as a river moving float where is scored well. This float extended its range to 5 grams to allow for the bigger stronger rivers.

hollow antenna
stainless steel
0,20 / 0,30 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1 / 1,50 / 2 / 2,50 / 3 / 4 / 5
High visibility for fishing in running waters.

Pluton Bleu float proved to be superb for the canals where due to its shape graduated to the tip it was excellent in scoring on sensitive bites.

stainless steel
0,10 / 0,20 / 0,30 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1 / 1,50 / 2
Good for canals and slow waters, great stability.

 Slider / wagglers

The Chinook is a great float covering a range of circumstances you may require when completing slider work . The floats allow you to alter your float size to your line weight size so you may require a float that has smaller bulk below . Other floats will have a large bulk of weights that could satisfy slowing down the pace of the rig. Class build !

Easy -flow match float balsa body, fixed weight with steel swivel, peacock stem.
6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 (+2)
6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 (+4)
6 - 8 - 10 - 12 (+6)
10+5 / 12+6 / 14+7 / 16+8 / 18+9 / 20+10

Probably the best range of slider weights for just one style of 
float .

Beautifully painted and conditioned floats

Also in the MS range is the Typhoon which is a casting dream.

Extremely sensitive waggler, balsa body, changeable weight with brass round washers , peacock stem,  insert different antenna types.
Equipped with
1 hollow tip Ø 3mm with fiberglass stem.
1 hollow tip Ø 4mm
1 hollow tip Ø 5mm
6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 - 25 
weight fixed with swivel or slider - kit antennas 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 available

The start of the UK generation of MS-MAS floats (Maurizio Schiepatti - Midlands Angling Supplies floats ) 

The new MAS-MS float is a stick float designed by Clive Lloyd captain of our Winter League and National teams. The float is called: 'CL' and at the moment the gram size is 0.1 gram to 1.0 gram . The float has been targeted for fishing far track on a canal but its also adaptS on the river.
Orders have been placed as there was a 200 float order amongst our customers already so i think we may have to order more.

If you wish to make an order then please go to :

Many thanks and please enjoy the MS range.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

2015 - 24th May - Last canal match in the series with Wigston AC

It has been a great pleasure to be invited by the Wigston AC  to fish the last three of their matches and being only 5 minutes away it was hard not to attend .
The previous matches i started to get used to the waters and how they fished and learnt much from the  Wigston lads who are the team that finished second last year in the Soar valley winter league. The previous match i could have realised a potential win however losing a tench or carp plus a good skimmer cost me but i still enjoyed the 2nd place.
This match saw us return to the Manor Restaurant section opposite the houses and we all hoped for a good bagging match . Was it to be ?

Being an ardent Leicester city FC fan and very much an armchair Blue Army fan i thought i would show the poster that was so much shared on Facebook and became to symbolise the fight to safety . on the same day as the match they were playing QPR at home already guaranteed Premier league next season.

I drew end peg 8 

Rigs of the day - explained in the video.

Sunday lunch for the expectants

View opposite .......Decided on a 11m line to the big tree to the left where i dumped hemp / caster / pellets and corn ...... looking for any large skimmer or a creature .

View to my right is the favourite house i would dearly love to have ( 6 winning numbers please on the Lotto    :)    )

The rest of the guys spreading out and around the corner to the lock.

         The concern we all had was the clarity of the water which was unusually clear and weed was starting to dominate the near shelf and far shelf .
I started with potting in 3 times on my creature line and potted a little in 2 places far side in front either side of the stage . The near shelf i did not bother with as i though the first boat through could kill anything off close and middle.
         I decided to go for small fish straight the way and using a SENSAS Desque Burk 0.1gr to 0.12/0.08 SENSAS Super Comp line to sensas 3405 size 18 hook. First placement saw the capture of a see-through Rudd quickly followed by several Rudd and Roach in the first 15 minute all on either double pinkie or single red , sizes varying from 1oz to 6oz . After the first hour i had 28 small fish in the net and was feeling confident then the owner opposite came down to say hello which spooked the fish coupled with the first boat of the day so for 10 minutes or more bites fell silent .
       Another boat came soon after and no sooner than the jacuzzi of the boat has ceased i had my largest fish a Rudd of about 8oz . This later followed by another 25 plus fish over the next 2 hours and i was thinking i might have about 4lb at this point but i later heard Steve at the end had snagged a good bream in first 10 minutes and lost another so i concentrated on fishing hard for a second place.
       The match was hard in the last hour and i had a spell for 20 minutes where i was fishless however in the last 15 minute i went 14m pole almost touching the far bank and took several small roach and rudd .

In the end i amassed 66 fish mostly Rudd with 2 bottle top skimmers and roach and a few perch.

Top Weights :

Steve With a good Bream plus a useful skimmer for 5-15

Adam with a hard earned net of 5-6

John worked hard but his normal far bank dominant tactics of punch and caster did not help him however he had 3 boats slam over his killing ground which did not help at all.

Paul took a good skimmer but had terrible problems with the weed and suffered also with the boats for 3-12

Managed to take the first place with 6-12

On the day the following equipment was used from my Company Midlands angling supplies :

It was so nice to fish with a good group of friendly anglers and we all enjoyed a pint of three afterwards . I look forward to meeting them again at the River soar league and opens.

Here are a few of the fixtures you can participate in ( also includes the River trent series )

Sunday June 21st Burton River Trent Master
Sunday June 28th Sensas River Soar Masters
Sunday 5th July Burton River Trent Masters
Sunday 12th July Sensas River Soar Masters
Sunday 19th July Burton River Trent Masters
Sundy 26th July Sensas River Soar Masters
Sunday August 2nd Burton River Trent Master
Sunday August 9th Sensas River Soar Masters
Saturday August 15th River Fest River Soar
Sunday August 16th Burton River Trent Masters
Sunday August 23rd Sensas River Soar Masters
Sunday 6th September Burton River Trent Masters
Sunday 13th September Sensas River Soar Masters
Sunday 20th September Sensas River Soar Masters Final
Sunday 4th October Burton River Trent Master Final
Sunday 11th October Soar Championship
Sunday 18th October Soar Winter League
Sunday 25th October Soar Winter League
Sunday 1st November Soar Winter League
Sunday 8th November Soar Winter League
Sat/Sunday 14/15th November River Fest Final
Sunday 22nd November Soar Winter League
Sunday 29th November Soar Winter League
Sunday 6th December Sensas Canal Masters
Sunday 20th December Sensas Canal Masters
Sunday 17th January Sensas Canal Masters
Quorn Teams of Four
Sunday 31st January Sensas Canal Masters
Quorn Teams of Four

Sunday 14th February Sensas Canal Masters
Quorn Teams of Four
Sunday 21st February Sensas Canal Masters
Sunday 28th February Quorn Teams of Four
Sunday 6th March Sensas canal Masters
Sunday 13th March Quorn Teams of Four

Sunday 20th March Sensas Canal Masters Final

     Forgot to say : We won 5-1 !   Happy day/s

     Cheers / Phil

Saturday, 23 May 2015

2015 - GREENHILL AC water at Cosby for a session

Weekend at Ashpole spinney part of the Greenhill AC stable of waters in South Leicestershire . I decided to seek a pegging position on the right had side and on the first peg 1 a fine gentleman took time to talk about himself and i was struck by his bravery considering his circumstances with Cancer.
Whilst talking with him he was gaining a number of bites on bread just a few feet from the reeds when he struck into a fish which decided to go on a run.

 After 10 minutes of playing this fish  it finally surrendered , all 11.5 lb of it .

 The author and its capture

 Time for another he remarked.

 I moved onto peg 5 and first fish of the day after 5 minutes was this torpedo powered creature of just 4lb that wanted to go round the island !

End of the day seen me realise about 12 lb of silvers with about 18lb of Tench  with a carp gave me about 35b for the day. Its getting better but it needs consistent warm days and then 100b bags can be achieved !

Sunday, 17 May 2015

2015 - Wigston AC Kilby Bridge match

The day started with full on sunshine however it becomes cloudy and that dam cold wind made proceedings rather uncomfortable , again !

I had been drawn on peg 2 and it was immediately announced that it was a hot peg for Bream , no pressure then !

 I had 4 rigs all about the same depth but with different shotting patterns.

Expected baits to be successful was caster , punch and hemp. I did mix up Sensas sweet fish meal as well.

My target area was to fish 10 metres towards the left tree and also at 13metres. Also the same towards the back of the boat.

The day started quite well with a splattering of Rudd and Roach intercepting the baits so i was kept busy. I tried bulking my shot close to the hook but it did not alter the pattern of catching . The times when it was quiet i expected there were larger shapes in the water.
After an hour i had my first decent skimmer about 14oz then i lost a big fish on the strike then i lost a battling Tench but later suspected it was a small carp.
Peg 5 bagged up with 4 good Bream so i had to catch up and continued to batter the small Rudd for a weight builder. It was only in the last hour that i took 4 good skimmers to stand a chance of catching up. In the end the lost fish cost me as i finished 2nd with 8-13 to the winners 10-6.

 Middy/Dynamite Baits backed rod Joe Oakes took the honours with the bottom section with 2-10 and a small carp.

Busy day for the browning man with just on 5lb.

Peg 5 winner

Enjoyed the day

 Peg 1 with a few pound and also suffered a big fish loss.

Last match in the series takes place next Sunday and its hoped the fish have finished breeding and the winds have stopped and its less cold !