Sunday, 17 May 2015

2015 - Wigston AC Kilby Bridge match

The day started with full on sunshine however it becomes cloudy and that dam cold wind made proceedings rather uncomfortable , again !

I had been drawn on peg 2 and it was immediately announced that it was a hot peg for Bream , no pressure then !

 I had 4 rigs all about the same depth but with different shotting patterns.

Expected baits to be successful was caster , punch and hemp. I did mix up Sensas sweet fish meal as well.

My target area was to fish 10 metres towards the left tree and also at 13metres. Also the same towards the back of the boat.

The day started quite well with a splattering of Rudd and Roach intercepting the baits so i was kept busy. I tried bulking my shot close to the hook but it did not alter the pattern of catching . The times when it was quiet i expected there were larger shapes in the water.
After an hour i had my first decent skimmer about 14oz then i lost a big fish on the strike then i lost a battling Tench but later suspected it was a small carp.
Peg 5 bagged up with 4 good Bream so i had to catch up and continued to batter the small Rudd for a weight builder. It was only in the last hour that i took 4 good skimmers to stand a chance of catching up. In the end the lost fish cost me as i finished 2nd with 8-13 to the winners 10-6.

 Middy/Dynamite Baits backed rod Joe Oakes took the honours with the bottom section with 2-10 and a small carp.

Busy day for the browning man with just on 5lb.

Peg 5 winner

Enjoyed the day

 Peg 1 with a few pound and also suffered a big fish loss.

Last match in the series takes place next Sunday and its hoped the fish have finished breeding and the winds have stopped and its less cold !

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