Friday, 15 May 2015

2015 - 15th ,May , Greenhill AC - at the Ashpole

              Decided to venture out for some therapy and chose peg 25 as i expected to be in the sun all day , Not !  The weather forecast was not correct , again ! and the wind was on the cool side so it was not the best plus the day before it was cold rain !
              I noticed that all the fringes of the islands hundreds of fish were joining in sexual activities so it looked like the silvers day was off the menu ?     :(


Owner of the complex , Christine happily feeding the birds and what broods they have , Ducks have 11 and Swans have 9 , i have never seen so many sygnets .

My Menu board this time with Meat and pellet

Office .......will it fish ?

Good start and nice Rudd started to show

The roach also yet some of these are like Hybrids (roach/rudd)

The Legend and a likely lad joined me on peg28

The master managed to get several good Tench and locked horns and lost with a few carp.

My net comprising of silvers and Perch , hard fought as all the silvers were breeding and the water was cold from yesterdays rains ......we really need summer and settled weather to start soon.

Dean on Peg 10 had several good Tench and a few carp for just over 20lb.

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