Monday, 4 May 2015

2015 - A small match with the WIGSTON AC

Sunday the 3rd and what a rainy start !  Not the best inspiration to go but i was doing nothing anyway.
Recent results on the canal next to the Manor Restaurant has seen weights to double figures on bread punch and maggot / pinkie / caster over ground bait .

Setting and plumbing time
Danny on 7 and Adam on 6

My office for the day with rather a nice reed bed to explore. Plumbed in front of the Heron (plastic) and it was showing 6 inches deeper than the green hut . Went for 5 lines , 1 middle , 2 far shelf .

John on 4 , Joe Oakes on 3 , Steve on 2 and Paul on 1.

I was also trying out the new 954 SERIES SENSAS pole just come into our stock . Very nice !


0.10/0.8 EXNER Canal stick 0.2gr for far shelf and another 0.3gr for down far shelf

0.12/0.8 SENSAS Lombardia 0.4gr for the middle and another set up of 0.3gr for far shelf

First hour Steve on peg 6 took a 2.5lb bream and a good skimmer so it was time to catch up.

I took three good size Rudd (10-12oz) and lost 2 of similar size as they shot into any weed near to them.

The wind started to come thro' from our left which started to reduce presentation

The New SENSAS 954 handled very well , i am impressed.

Adam to my left was taking a few nice roach

Danny was also finding it tough battling the wind and lack of larger fish like myself and Adam

John was doing better and took heavier specimens to far shelf tactics on the punch and caster

Joe on peg 3 was not having so good and was waiting for a share of the bream shoal in the area after his neighbour snagged 2-3 .

Steve was definitely leading it up to an hour from the end with his initial capture of Bream.

Paul on end peg 1 also built up a useful weight and also was looking for a share on this bream shoal.

Last hour and a half all of us really struggled so fishing far bank to the reeds and going for a pair of eyes seemed to be the only option    :(

The rain started to come down again !




Yours truly


Steve with nice bream

Paul the winner with a last 30 minutes bonus Tench

What a tinka all 5.5lb of it !

Scores on the board

The spoils were shared out and the day ended with a glass of water !

Midlands Angling supplies Managing Director Phil Ackerley currently trying out one of the latest SENSAS 954 series poles . Also our other anglers are using 934 and 974 Series. Reports coming later on their performances and can be read on the site :


SENSAS CLASSIC POWER and SENSAS ready made rig lines

EXNER canal  'Anett' sticks

SENSAS Lombadier

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