Saturday, 23 May 2015

2015 - GREENHILL AC water at Cosby for a session

Weekend at Ashpole spinney part of the Greenhill AC stable of waters in South Leicestershire . I decided to seek a pegging position on the right had side and on the first peg 1 a fine gentleman took time to talk about himself and i was struck by his bravery considering his circumstances with Cancer.
Whilst talking with him he was gaining a number of bites on bread just a few feet from the reeds when he struck into a fish which decided to go on a run.

 After 10 minutes of playing this fish  it finally surrendered , all 11.5 lb of it .

 The author and its capture

 Time for another he remarked.

 I moved onto peg 5 and first fish of the day after 5 minutes was this torpedo powered creature of just 4lb that wanted to go round the island !

End of the day seen me realise about 12 lb of silvers with about 18lb of Tench  with a carp gave me about 35b for the day. Its getting better but it needs consistent warm days and then 100b bags can be achieved !

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