Monday, 27 August 2012

2012 - DM1 Sodertalje kanal

It is the DM series again and the Sodertalje kanal is the first in the series. In years gone by its prooved to be difficult competition with rarely weights over 10 kilos. Favourite method based from last year is to slider fish 6-7 metres deep at 25-35 metres out and pole / whip fish at 11-13metres with bleak fishing at 5metres .The feeder has been also a noticeable winning method.

Kenneth , Lars and Roger conferring on groundbait tactics.

It was a grim 4 hours for all and to add insult to injury the rain gave us a good battering also. Bodda was on peg 1 did he get on ?

Johan with the problematic Colmic scales (they are for the dustbin)

Erik Tikanen on peg 3

Lena did well with 1,4 kilos

Tomo as usual worked his expertise to get 2,7 kilos

Kenneth was the winner with 4,5 kilos

Young Elliot took 800 grams

Kenneth 1  Johan  4  Tom 3

Shame it did not produce , the stretch is better fished in october when the roach are packing in tight shoals for the winter time.

Saturday, 25 August 2012


It was a misty morning as the 12 gathered at the latest venue in the fair town of Uppsala. Our event sponsoreer from Swedbait , Mr.Lennartsson arrived to wish us well and watch the setting up period, The river was rather brown in colour and high due to the extra rains in the week.......i wonder how it will fish ?

The start of the match and i have Rolf on Peg 1 and Percy on 2  to my left

Tomy right we have top Trosa-rod Hasse testing his feeder rod

The match was an absolute struggle made worse by heavy mid week rains that caused the river to rise almost 20 cms. But some of the anglers managed a few choice fish.
2nd place in the match with 1260grams was Rolf on peg 1

I amassed 88 small fish in the last 3 hours for 1,030gr

Lena with a nice Rudd

Tim with a Millers thumb !

Good roach

Joan with a great catch of 6 roach

Trosa's top junior with a few

The man

The myth , the legend the Tikanator destroyed the field with 2 good bream specimens and some bits for 4,5 kilos

Friday, 24 August 2012

2012 - August 24 some fishing arrives

Had some fishing gear arrive for myself and the boys

The Preston Pult pouch is a very well made item and so deep  .... i must have 10 large groundbait catsapults inside .

Stocking up on a few essential ingredients

2 Sensas Bloodworm boxes with foam

Sticky mag tray from Sensas

Best bait box from GREYS tackle

Best line from Shimano for Slider work  8 and 10lb

Very nice for IMAGE hooks for the bloodworm and small fish fishing

the biz !

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

2012 - SM Lidan - Swedish Club championships

The SM is a very large competition in the Swedish fishing calendar and this is the club's first venture into it . We will be fishing against the finest clubs in the country that contain many experienced International anglers with a wide base of knowledge.

Tim and i arrived on the Friday before the weekend with Johan and Erik to drive from Stockholm at 03:00 am in the morning on the Saturday !!

The evening before we went to A section where Tim will fish to test the depth in his waders so as to get a feel for potential peg positions.
We returned to the Bed and Breakfast (Kullens) and started to get the gear into an efficient level ready for erection the next day. The B and B was shared by our great friends the TROSA SFK.

Tim's Nordik Tackle box arrangement looks very sturdy.

Steady as a rock

Johan and Erik arrived and started to get in the mix.

Great friend Paolo erecting his trolley and kit

The VBMK criminals arrive

Browning v Sensas

Tikkanenvagn and of to B section.

Kent Browndell gear at the ready

My clag

Mr.Browning to my left

After the end of the match i managed to capture a few of the weigh-in's and they did rather better than some of us.

Day 1 finished and we did rather poorly and made a huge mistake in not using Jokers.

Back to the BB anyway for a quick mix and repair of any rigs plus the odd glass or three of wine and beer.

Very nice people at Kullens

Next morning and we took breakfast with the Trose boys . Gunilla does a really nice breakfast.

Day's menu of stiky-mag-gravel and stiky mag-caster-worm with hook baits

C14 for me 2nd day how can i not catch when 23 kilos came of it the day before !!

12 balls VDE Turbo and Natur with black river leam and 6 balls of leam with chop worm.

End of match ......disaster Browning guy to my right killed me with using alot of joker and topping up regular. He fished brilliantly.

Trosa hot-rod Hasse to my left with no joker but with regular balls going in a 15m on 9m whip. Got himself 5th in section ......great fishing . Me ! i was last in section , no excuses !

What can i say but the MAU performed poorly and our knowledge was little on this venue but now the match has finished our memory banks are full with what we have seen . We have discussed how to improve from this first team competition.

Wish to thank FKZZ-TOP for their excellent organisation skills most noticeably was Jonas and Gunter who gave their time to cutting out all the pegs on many of the sections , tireless un-selfish work and great dedication to the Swedish match fishing scene.