Tuesday, 11 August 2015


New match , new day , good draw ? we shall see as my start to the season has been putting it mildly a very bad one indeed. My fishing on the Trent 3 times and previous 3 times on the Sutton Bonnington has not seen a weight over 4lb ! 
         My weights so far on the Soar has realised , 0-12 (67) , DNWI (approx.2lb) (12) , 2-6 (37) , 1-12 (68) with the Trent matches not fairing any better ! so inspiration was required that was decreased slightly when i drew peg 68 out of the hat , another cyanide length of water . Undaunted i proceeded to get my kit set up for a ground bait attack and go positive for anything with a pair of eyes. The usual Perch line was set up for with the chance of getting a weight booster Tench. For my troubles i drew the scales a bad habit of mine and was paired up with Rob Wootton to my right as the weigh team duo.

         My Rigs were:
                              0.8gr SENSAS Gilles 0.8gr on 0.9/0.6 - 22's SENSAS 3530
                              1.0gr Maurizio Schiepatti Sirio 1.0gr 0.10/0.7 20's SENSAS 3530
                              1.0gr Maurizio Schiepatti Regolo 1.0gr 0.9/0.6 22's SENSAS 3530
     (All line is SENSAS Super Competition)



         The match started at 11 and straight the way i administered 8 balls of SENSAS LAKE / and SENSAS Super Black Gardons with a helping of dead pinkies / hemp / casters . I also placed 2 bait droppers full of goodies in two chosen selected places in front of the weeds . Hopefully the Perch will provide me with a weight and really hopeful of getting my first Tench however history of pegs 67 , 68 and 69 are not very good . Peg 70 and onwards the form does improve however they do perform better as winter approaches.
        My first put in and a gudgeon about a third of an ounce was taken followed quickly by see through skimmers and roach with the odd chublette even the odd ruffe. This was the normal for the rest of the match as i fished 30 minutes on the ground bait line and 30 minutes on the Perch / Tench line . The latter only producing 2 small Perch . The day was plagued by a few rogue Pike who did not move from a bunch of weed directly in front of me . Hooked 6 and only lost 3 hook lengths ! but they were big Pike yet they are taking see-through fish , hardly a mouthful ?  End of match and the early pegs have fished poorly with the 5 pegs at the end fishing much better . 
       End peg Sean Ashby had 9-0 with Steve Hemingray 7-1 , M Derry 7-0 , K Wardle 5-12 and Midlands Angling Supplies John Harper 4-14 (1 Tench and lost another) and Midlands Angling Supplies Martin Jacques with 1-13 , Rob Wootton DNWI and i completed a weight of 1-12 (63 fish).

       Lets hope for rain !

NOTE : The match length at Sutton requires help making the pegs better plus having the trees and bushes cut back considerably. Its a huge job for just a few people so can we not all club together a bank maintenance fee to hire someone to control the growth of the trees and bushes to aid pole roller and rod casting. Pegs from the bottom of the lane to the right need a vast amount of work. However we could ask for volunteers to attack the match length/s just for one day before the start of the season. This could also lend itself to other stretches of match lengths used in the winter league and maybe other lengths of waters like the Abbey where very much work is required just to gain 10-12 pegs .

Sunday Lunch

Walked down to peg 70 where new Midlands Angling Supplies man Martin Jacques  was standing ready for action (already qualified)


Next Peg is John Harper latest recruit to Midlands Angling Supplies  better known as 'team chef' 

The Man , the myth , the legend

End of the day and on the End peg is Sean Ashby with a cracking weight of 9-4

Next was Mark Derry with 7-0

Next peg saw Steve Hemingway pip him by an ounce , for 7-1

K Wardle with 5-12 on next peg

A tale of two halves of a section

Another well organised match from Brian and Joff !

Sensas Soar Masters 4th Qualifier
Sunday 9th August River Soar Sutton Bonington
67 anglers fished
1) Peg 1 John Freeborn Sensas North 10lbs 4oz

John caught on the long pole with maggot over groundbait. He had a lot of small fish including roach, perch and skimmers.
2) Peg 50) Matt Parkin Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 9lbs 10oz
Matt started on chopped worm and caught a few perch to 10oz he then fished caster over groundbait for some roach and skimmers and ended the match with a few roach on hemp.
3) Peg 75 Sean Ashby Kamasan Starlets 9lbs 4oz
Sean had a mixed bag of small roach perch and skimmers on the long pole fishing pinkie over groundbit.
4) Peg 41 Cam Hughes Kamasan Starlets 9lbs 3 oz
5) Peg 24 Darren Bickerton Kamasan Starlets 7lbs 14oz
6) Peg 23 Andy Starkey Drennan Leicester 7lbs 5 oz
Qualifiers for the final
John Freeborn, Matt Parkin Andy Starkey, Tony Marshall (Quorn A.S.) 
Brad Titmus (Kamasan Starlets) Steve Brookes ( Bennetts Bait and Tackle)
Brian Hawkes (Sensas North) Pete Cobb

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