Friday, 1 January 2016


Decided to meet up with the Wigstonians AC for their annual Xmas match for the Mick Holohan Memorial match and it was a dark and gloomy day that was set before us as match organiser Adam Nurse split the match into two sections either side of the Manor Restaurant

I drew to the Glen para side B2 and the day was a day of watch Martin to my right as he consistently found silvers at 8-9m and backed by two good size Perch. My day was hard to get two fish together and even a reduction down to 0.06 /22's did not help.

The weigh in :

 Adam Nurse on B7 with 3-12

Tom Pringle on B6 with 4-5.

Martin Haliford winner of B section on peg 1 with 4-15

Match winner on the day from A section was Joe Oakes with 10-10

There is a match on this canal this coming Sunday (3rd Jan) , draw 08:30 , fish 10-3

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