Sunday, 21 February 2016

2016 - GREENHILL AC / MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES and a day out with the Stu Redman and some of the MAS brothers

              Some several weeks ago Stu had contacted me stating he has some free time to come and help with a promotion of my local clubs waters . We decided on February 20th and we had also the attending David Mellors and Neil Powell of the TEAM-MAS plus other members John Kilby and Andy Porter , the latter two being members of the Greenhill AC.
              I met the day's attendees at the Toby Carvery  as the Enderby / Narborough road island at St Johns as the lad's required their sustenance before the days action. I could not attend as i had duties all morning and stated my intent to catch up with them later to gain some good photographic work.

Stu already placing his character on the days proceedings.

Breakfast was all you could eat for £4.99 !!!

About 10:30 am i came down to the venue to deliver my advertising boards  and Stu was in Teacher - mode and i watched for 5 minutes , then i needed paracetamols so goodness knows what the brave 4 were going through. Stu does expand your mind to what is going on below the surface.

I made my escape before my few brain cells left could stand it any further from Phd of 'Fishing of the Redman kind'

End of the day and Neil (Top coach with 'pathway' ) Powell with an excellent threesome of plump perch ......shame the weather had not warmed up to entertain the wealth of population of silvers in this pool .

The author and his noted 'biggy'  ! .....well done Pal !

Top MAS - rod Davis Mellors endured a a similar Day to the rest and took three nice perch.

Peg 9 is really good in the summer , noted for 40lb Tench , 60lb Carp and 30lb of Chub and roach and Rudd.

Andy Porter another MAS - Top rod with massive ability to squeeze anything out of his peg was the only angler to take silver on the day.

 David Mellors  with a commendable 3 Perch catch considering the days conditions

Just when you thought it was safe ........A 'Redmanator' appeared !

Massive thanks to Stu Redman and not just helping but promoting the 'Sensas-way' , he put himself forward to assist and teach. As much as we all think we know it then along comes Stu and shows something else we can add to our armour. Huge , mega thanks and huge mega thanks to my lads ; John K , David Mellors , Neil Powell and Andy Porter to give their time to the cause of promoting GREENHILL AC WATERS and Midlands Angling Supplies ltd.

Greenhill AC besides the water  on todays review have further silverfish and carp waters at Thurlaston . We also have a brand new 30 peg silverfish lake under construction. Require to join GAC then .....

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