Sunday, 11 August 2013


Decided to go Trosa after Carola's mother had moved their the previous weekend and she needed help with everything in her new home . So why they emptied boxes i decided to empty my peg   :-)

Local information board.

How good is this ? nice flow with a great catching colour

In front of me 

To my right the flow narrows

Office for the day ! 
Set up a 13' Preston waggler rod with a Pete Warren 5xno4 stick float with adjusting shot to a 0.13 bottom and Colmic N500 16's hook to start but by the end of the day that became 0.15 with a 14's hook.

After 5 minutes the first fish , Rutilus-rutilus dogius roachius  

After a procession of roach and Perch came the first Ide of the day.....what a scrapper !

Hard fighting bjorkna

Jeez ! These really do fight in the flow

After a couple of hours with the bites getting less from the smaller fish then the reason was because of these moving into the peg ......first slab of the day and what a scrap to get it into the net.

Even had several big stripeys' on the corn !

Fabulous conditioned Bjorkna it fought like a trout !


Does not get much better

Another dog roach !

After losing 3 very large fish (2 Bream and one Ide) i had a consolation prize of the biggest bream of the day.

Then further consolation with my best Ide of the day.

Bjorkna's were still feeding well

Happy days

Last cast then look and see time.

Great trophies

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