Sunday, 5 February 2017

2017 - Coopers Lake at Weston upon Trent - MAS DAY OUT !

TEAM MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES had a day out on Coopers lake at Weston upon Trent a superb fishery with a fantastic restaurant / pub - definitely coming back to here again !

As per usual the last 2 matches my best friend for 50 years Michael Carr drew next to each other , well !? ......we did  it again as nobody sat on peg23. I drew 24 and Mick drew the carp peg on 22.

We had 14 of the 23 turn up and the purpose of the day was firstly to enjoy ourselves but also to come together and discuss the years matches and what and when we are fishing .

The god , the Master , the Chef , the one and only !

Mick with a 7lb pounder ....shame it did not count

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clive lloyd said...

Brilliant day with a great bunch of lads. What a team.��