Friday, 14 November 2014

2014 - Friday 14th of November is launch day for Midlands Angling Supplies

                It has been 2 years in the making since my first thoughts of creating a fishing company and now as i sit here composing a few words ready for the official opening i can feel a satisfaction of getting to that final hurdle . Its always been a dream of mine to have a angling company and with MIDLANDS ANGLING SUPPLIES LTD the dream is now a reality.
                I have another company ; MONTAGE SCOPE DESIGNS LTD , a engineering company created in 1981 offering design engineering services and solutions to many disciplines in industry. But with the launch of MAS its hoped that MSD will work less hours so i can concentrate on MAS and more fishing time !
              I have to thank Vince Callaghan for his effort in getting the site to a good level for issue and his strong leadership in the product acquisition . Also must thank QI Marketing who created the website and will continue to service the site.

              The website adress is : ' '


Jimmy Kungsman said...

Great to hear your dream has become reality. Best of luck with it!

Dr.Phil said...

Hi Jimmy
Nice words and appreciated my friend . My shop is always open to my friends in Sweden.
Miss Fyrisan !