Sunday, 9 November 2014

2014 - River soar winter league No.4 November 9th run by the Angling Trust

Peter Mulvey of LASC on a new peg 1 because of the rise in the river . You have to fancy your chances facing the weir opposite creating a large slack of swirling water .

The mighty 1860 Bridge

After 30 minutes getting snagged on the feeder Peter reverted to a 6m whip , awesome to see anglers using whips again , what a wonderful way of fishing !

Peg 1 Peter with his best fish of the day a decent 1.25LB perch

Peg 2 Nigel Truman of the Dynamite Matchmen was finding it tough get a few fish entering the net.

So Nice to see a brace of ABU 507's on display.

 On Peg 3 is good friend Brad Titmus of the Starlets fame enjoying a lollipop session after hitting 30 bleak and bits for a LB as it was now going for a big-one.

Lee Wright of Trentman on peg5

Harry Wilkinson of the Drennan Leicester stable  on peg 6 ….using the lollipop of the EXNER Blade kind to good effect.

On peg 8 over the footbridge was our Bennets man Dave Mawby finding it tough to present a bait in a very strong current.

Peg 9 was John Hall of the Wigston boys fishing very steady behind the boats opposite but then lester trotting the far bank to good effect and taking 5 good roach on the bounce only to see a boat do the damage !?

It was passing then decided to back up and stir up the bottom and scattering his fish , dreams of 10LB plus evaporated in one action from a stupid boater who could have parked further down.

Not to worry as at the weigh in John took the honours with 3250gr for 1st place

Dave did well to fish behind his keepnet for 1600gr and 6th

Chris Worm-miester 7th with 1300gr

Harry Wilkinson of the Drennan Leicester team took a well deserved 5th with 2100gr

Lee Wright of the Trentman was 4th on peg 5 with 2250 gr

Brad on peg 3 was close to honours with 2 late big-skimmers on the flat float for 3100gr

Peter Mulvey of Loughborough AS had a very creditable 2690 gr and he could have won the section as losing 2 large Perch cost him dearly.

A great day in the sun be it very painful in my right foot but the weather on the Commerative day representing all the servicemen who have given their lives for all of us in the great wars and conflicts of the last 100 years.

       In a few days time i reckon you could get 25-30lb weights down the 1860 as the fish are haven' it !


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