Sunday, 22 April 2012


Trosa is a beautiful idyllic town set on the east coast of Sweden .  The Harbour area is a mass of boats in the summer but this time of the year after the snows have melted the harbour area is less in traffic so therefore the availability of bank space has to be taken advantage of.
The plan was to meet Percy and Hasse of the Trosa SFK and also Tim out of the MAU club and fish for fun for several hours would it fish ?

Tim to my left upstream was trying out a Cralusso Surf float

My peg for the day
Just fishing with my new 7m Cassini Bolo using a EA2004 DINO 5gr float . Also trying out a Colmic 5 netre Bolo using a EA2004 3gr float.

Dog roach all day

Tim with a nice Ide example

The day's rewards

What a place Trosa is !

Big thanks to DINO of Dino floats  for a recent great order of floats for the club. The EA2004 4 gr float was awesome today.

Also very honoured to help out with Attila of Best floats

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Tommy said...

Looks like you are ready for Arboga. you think that bolo is needed there ?

great catch by the way :-)