Thursday, 26 June 2014


The day after the weed clearance party we came together for a small match on a beautiful sunny morning a start contrast to the previous days rain.
Decided to take a few pictures of the cleared pegs :-

I drew peg 2 which was very open and best chance i had was to build up a weight of silver fish and small tench then take a few bonus carp

First time using all my gear purchased by the company for me 
The V roller is a sold construction and i think this will last for several years compared to the run of the mill rollers on the market from competitors

Also a chance to use my new 783 pole one of the 2 i have

My new 660 box and table

Menu board for the delay

3 puller kits rigged up

2nd place John Kilby with 22lb

Andy the winner with 25lb 

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