Monday, 16 September 2019

2019 - September 14th DIVISION 2 National with the MAS team and a days viewing on MAS rod Paul Middleton

The BIG day finally arrived and after the teams continuous practice open matches in the months before then a true test of their endeavours was about to be realised . Our Captain , Dean Cherrington led his team from the front spending hours on phone calls and booking and organising all the matches upto this date , all we needed now was a draw ! The draw was made aided by a lucky charm of the medusa touch Paul ' End-peg' Middleton. In fact i sat with him all day as he loaded his kit into my car  as we went searching for 'C' section. Whilst there i recorded a few movies as they day unfolded

At the draw and good friends COLMIC SOAR TACKLE were there in numbers

Our man Ron Scales

David Gough - Gary Chalk - Colin ' i love Taylor Diane' Talbot - Paul Middleton

Ron Scales - Clive Lloyd - Tom Boyce

Draw complete and back to Deans van for a team discussion and allocation of squat

Paul and i travelled down narrow lanes and eventually mades it to Section C

Paul was on peg C9 , an end peg !

View from the bridge to the other section just past the moored boat

11:00 AM and match commenced

Paul potted at 4m and far side at 11m , also potted down stream to the bridge in middle or maybe closer to far shelf.

First man at the other section was Jonathan Leivers who fished a tidy match

Paul looking at options

Dumpy Perch and gudgeon were the weigh builders

Most barges were well behaved however some of them accelerated thro the bridge and their propeller really disturbed the peg , too much . One barge for some silly reason went over to the far side possibly scraping its hull on the bottom as it excited the bridge .

Half way through and the fishing got harder

I met the owners of this barge and enjoyed several conversations - they even offered cups of tea to the anglers !

This barge was well behaved with just a trickle behind it

Weigh in time for our section and Paul has lost out buy 180 grams - that barge thro his squat peg cost dearly ! However a 3rd in section is not bad at all

Ummmmm .......... next section a long , do i see micro pellets in a clear bag ??? ...... were they not barred for today ?

It has been a fantastic experience to have a team represent MAS for the first time , must do it again . Well done to David Gough who finished 40th out of over 400 anglers  . Shame the team did not have more luck on the draw , it could have been so different .


Bricky72 said...

Great write up Phil shame I missed you Saturday ��

Dr.Phil said...

Hello chap ..........trying to work out who this is ?