Monday, 2 September 2019

2019 - 1st September - Practice match on the rivers section for the Charnwood league

Our 3rd practice match on the Charnwood match lengths and the Deeps was our selection which included part of the Cobbles . Eighteen piscatorials attended as we took the draw in McDonalds at Shelthorpe (Note our HQ for the Charnwood league is the Barrow Town FC )
We split the match length into 3 sections on Deeps and one on the Cobbles . (For the Charnwood it will be 2 sections of 9 on Deeps and possibly the Cobbles , with Greens )

A very sunny day greeted the match and with gin clear water we expected a tough match with a swell of opinion the Cobbles would fish the best being shallower and faster ...........were we correct in our thoughts ?

Anyway i drew peg 20 and on peg 21 the CEO of BENNETTS TACKLE (BROWNING) Stu Timson.
match underway and the both of us fed similar at 9 and 13 metres by pole cup . I also fed a choppy line and went onto it immediately and had 2 quick 3oz Perch . Stu took a handsome skimmer /hybrid , i think he said . After 20 minutes i went on the 9m line to catch steady throughout the match.

8-4 for Stu Timson BROWNING BENNETTS and section winner

16-00 for me and match winner , Phil Ackerley MAS

New MAS man Rob Biddell took 2nd place with 8-6 , peg 17

Ever present Martin MAS Jacques with 6-4 , peg 15

Paul Greensmith - BROWNING BENNETTS 7-4 , peg 14

Paul Yarwood BROWNING BENNETTS with 8-0 and section winner

Joe Oakes COLMIC WIGSTON with a section winning 7-12

New MAS man Gary Rodgers with 3-12

Steve Darlison BROWNING BENNETTS with 3-9

Mick Carr MAS with 4-10 and Cobbles section winner

Good turnout however it gets serious on the 15th September when the full compliment of teams take part of the new formatted Charnwood league created by Paul Greensmith where canal and river are used and fair match lengths with reasonable equidistant peg spacings are set.

There is a meeting on the 5th September  of all the captains and representatives to finalise all the details . Looking forward to seeing you in a new spirit of a league with fairness and equal competition .

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