Monday, 22 July 2019

2019 July 21st - Greens match and the match a week prior

Recent work on the Greens section allows us to have a match or two. With 3 new pegs in plus another one expected due to the size of the league this allows us to gauge the stretch to detect any bad areas and repair them in and out of the water.

First match was a story of end pegs mostly as Paul Greensmith took a handsome catch of fish in an area of Pike soup but that is where the silver soup is . To top of his catch a large 3lb plus Tench . Good backup weights in the 5-8lb region which is rather good considering the water was slow and clear and sunny !

Second match on the Greens and the same pegs were used and again it was a sunny day in most part however the river had benefited from previous rains that gave greater oxygen levels and the whole match length fished rather well .

The Greens at its best !

Sunday 14th July - Greens

Colin Talbot on peg 10 with 6-14

Gary Chalk on peg 9 with 7-8

The days winner Paul Greensmith  with 19-8

Sunday 21st July - Greens

Stu Simpson 2nd on the day and a good tench also , 6-10

previous week last in section and no Pike attacks , this week 4th and still no pike attacks !


The days winner was Ian Phillips with 8-8

Deserved !

Pictures of toil and dedication to this new league

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