Thursday, 4 July 2019

2019 - June 30th , Trent at Shardlow on John Taylors match

First river match of the season brought me to the previously cancelled match that John Taylor organises . His match organisation is well organised and supported , quire rightly.
After an excellent breakfast and the meeting up of many known friends the draw gave me peg 4 under the Cavendish bridge and i did not know what to expect on arrival underneath the bridge .

A builders yard

First view , very nice and just off the downstream wind with protection of a mass of willows to my right. Peg was slippy but i borrowed a few building materials to just get the box in the water .

All set up and ready to go .

Bombardment stuff was SENSAS GG and SENSAS Lake

Menu was varied with caster , reds , yellow/tumerics , tares and hemp

Match about to start and time to mortar in the balls , 10 all together at about 11/13m

I set up a waggler with a MAURIZIO SCHIEPATTI weighted MAMBA Peacock 3+1 gr float at 5-6 ft depth.
Also a Stick float rod using a DH Shouldered stick of 6x4
Top 5 with a 0.75gr MAS CL 
Top 5 with a 0.8gr MAS JO2 
TOP 5 with a 1.25 gr MAS SM1

First 10 minutes sprayed maggots on the waggler line about half way across but struggled to see the tip once the float went further to the left in differing contrasting light on the water .
On to the pole and first drop in secured a good roach and that continued for 1.5 hours with plenty of hand skimmers/hybrids and some bleak and gudgeon . 
The sun shadow started to get deeper under the bridge and the fish were reluctant to be in the sun part so i was having to fish 13/14m and chase them in the bridge shadow. However that struggled in an ever increasing downstream wind . I then turned to the stick float rod where i was able to actually control it better however the visibility of the float was difficult . I had a bad 2 hours but the last hour came back on and i used the waggler over the pole line and taking off a couple of shot the waggler stood out for visibility and i took a string of nice dumpy roach .

End of the match i weighed 7-14 and in hindsight i should have got further out in the water and stick floated it better . Still a great day and well done Paul 2 pegs up with winning weight of 14-1.

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