Thursday, 27 June 2019

2019 - June 26th , Natural soar at Loughborough

Mick and i purchased the Loughborough fishing book again and decided to fish the natural soar as recent rains had certainly freshened the water.
Our pegs were a good 7-8 foot deep and very little snagging the bottom. I attacked the peg with stick float and waggler but mostly and very pleasurably using the stick . Bait on the day was a maggot attack but also set my stall out for the tare and hemp .
A right mixture of fish was caught ; Bleak , Dacelettes , Chublettes , Gudgeon , Roach and Perch and one Barbel . Used a pint of hemp and two pints of maggots for a really enjoyable day , i reckon i could have doubled the weight on the pole as holding back was made difficult with a downstream gusty wind .

Mick next peg down took his share of Perch as usual

Safe platform

Good 10-11lb

Huge Barbel years to come

Satisfying fishing on a moving float day

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