Wednesday, 10 July 2019

2019 July 10th - GAC , Ashpole Spinney , Cosby

On Tuesday evening i pre-baited several pegs at the complex in readiness for a session the next day. The pegs were Peg 4 , 8, 9 , 10 , 22 , 23 , 24. I used 6 pints of hemp , 0.5 pint of dead maggots , 1.8 kilo bag of HINDERS 6mm pellets and used 2 kilo of ground bait to position them , mostly at 9 metres from the bank . I though that if the pegs feed was spread about then Mick Carr and i would stand a chance of any of the pegs incase there was anglers there before us .
We decided to fish peg 23 (Mick) and peg 24 .

Mick and i were soon into Perch and small roach on the maggot . Mick also was the first to take a sizeable fish with a lovely Bream

We had started fishing about 08:30am and by 10:00am Mick had a tench of about 3.5lb , a Bream of similar size plus some roach and Perch . I had managed 11 Ide on the bounce upto  1LB each and also lost a sizeable Tench . From then on till about 13:00pm i continued to catch a further 5 ide plus a big Hybrid and 2 Tench (4lb a piece) plus a Bream of about 3lb . I also had a spell of total Roach of up to  20 plus fish for about 5-6 lb .
Mick then collected another two Bream for about 3lb a piece plus 2 Ide ..........what a day !

We estimate that Mick had approx. 20-25lb and i had close to 35lb

Success to fishing Ashpole is preparation and pre-baiting can buy Hemp by the 25 kilo sack as well as Brown ground bait . You can also use any scraps off the dinner table to mix in with it and include Mole hill soil to help position your feed , it does not have to be expensive .
Bait on the day was maggot yellow and red on size 14 hooks but mostly using corn on the hook and feeding corn as well as another 2 kilo of ground bait , 1 pint of hemp and 0.5pt of dead maggot.

The weed maybe bad but on the clear swims you can enjoy a decent days fishing

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