Sunday, 5 October 2014

2014 - Soar cup , prestige at stake.

            October the 5th and its still warm(ish) and the river is still , clear , gin-clear and we have had no serious rain for some 8 weeks ! Last night brought the really first cold night that seen the temperature go below 5 degrees (according to my instrument pack in the car).
            We all met at the Anchor Inn at Hathern as usual and i arrived late only to see a really big full house of anglers already queuing for the draw. I brought last years individual trophy which was won by Midlands Angling Supplies Ltd angler Vince Callaghan. Unfortunately we returned the trophy without engraving but we have promised to complete the task with Brian Hull of LAS at cost to us.
             I drew peg 83 (old peg2 ) and immediately heard of  : ' flyer' , OMG , my blood pressure just went up a few notches . How will it fish with a cold night ?? soon find out as i walked the 250 yards down the Soar lane plus another 450 yards along the bank . The peg and the surrounding area had realised some good weights in recent matches and my peg in particular had seen a winning weight of it of skimmers,hybrids,tench and big Perch …. how will it go for me ?

Eventual 2nd in match to my left

My office for the day

Old for new ….was peg 2 , now peg 83

Further to my right a bream exposed itself to the surface past the buoys

Last peg 84 (old peg 1 ) to my right.

The local rowers out for their morning session.

2 very big Tench place you in the leading positions on the day.

Top rod Joff with a fine brace of Tench also for 3rd in match.

Great net of Roach/skimmers late on on the hemp 

I fished the flyer to my best but it not show the fruits of my efforts . It was not really spot on today as i hoped for previous glories on the peg this year . That is fishing but now we must concentrate on the main goal and thats competing in the Winter League . So far its 10 teams of 10 , bring it on as we fish 5 different sections of the river.
  Well done Brian and Joff for todays organisation.

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