Sunday, 28 September 2014

2014 - SEPTEMBER 28TH on the Sutton Bonnington playing field length

               After the 6 qualifiers plus the final last week on the SOAR MASTERS , i still feel it compulsive to come and fish here , its if something is calling me to continue fishing the Soar ! My Soar days existed in the 70/80/90's at Rothley/Cossington/Sileby and central Leicester plus the upper Soar into Narborough .  However since my return from Sweden after 13 years in January i feel this urge to fish the river which has rewarded me so much in the past.
                I am so excited about the Soar especially the waters controlled by the Loughborough Soar AC as i see this transformation of good fishing returning to the once former glory river .  I see Gudgeon , roach , ruffe , Perch , minnows ! , odd Rudd , Tench , Eels to 5LB - WTF ! , Carp , Bream , Skimmers , Hybrids etc…. but most of all so exciting is why is the river saturated in chublettes !? . Every peg this year has seen more chublettes than Bleak ! Can you imagine next year , they will be 2-4oz the year after 8-10 oz , fishing could be transformed , we could see waggler and stick float making an entry into the proceedings .

 Playing fields car park ….its just the next 400 yards which is the hardest

I started to walk over the field next to the cricket pitch and onto the centre line of the football pitch when i realised i had not brought my Loughboro AC Membership card . Back i trundled to the car and walked back to my lonesome gear on the Centre line where a couple approached me and stated  : I normally see anglers leave their gear after a bad day after the match , not before , i laughed and explained why i returned to the car.

 Peg 96 and a still clear Soar ……great when its HARD !

 Black pearls - hemp - slop
Pinks - Maggs - hand wash

Maurazio Schiepatti floats on full display .

 Small 2-5oz Roach on the Black Pearl were in abundance

 Maurazio's Blu Pencils were in evidence …awesome float ….exclusive through Midlands Angling supplies ltd and Bennets of Mountsorrel , Stu Timpson

CHUBLETTES , thousands of them and where are their parents ? Imagine the Soar next year , and the year after , could we see big bags of chub on the waggler and pole ? Hope so !!!!

 Boats did not alter the feeding pattern all day , think the fish are used to them .

End of the day and a 5 hour stint which realised some 10lb of good sized Perch plus at least 7LB of silvers plus maybe 2LB of Bleak , Tommys , small stripeys , see thro Skimmers and small Chublettes

Great day when you pleasure fish however totally different when you match-it !

Cannot wait for the Soar cup next week and the following Winter league …..BRING IT ON !!

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