Sunday, 14 September 2014

2014 - practice on the River Soar one week before the SOAR MASTERS FINAL

One week to go before the Soar masters final and i took the opportunity to fish the Sutton Bonnington length at peg 32 to try a 'few things ' !? 

In the morning i had visited the church of Knowledge at Mountsorrel better known as Bennetts of Mountsorrel ! There i became i disciple of the inner sanctum as the knowledge passed all morning over the counter , also did the coffee !
What did i learn ? ……can't say ! but become a regular member of bait and tackle then all the secrets are revealed , i am now a disciple of this sanctimonious church of the learned !

Sutton Bonnington , typical soar country , beautiful yet hard to fish !

My peg with opposite view


My frontline attack ? or is it something else i shall choose ?

Met a very sensible person in knowledge of the Soar , hear bailiff of LAS . Great words we exchanged and we both sat on a commonality of views on current angling the UK.

Took delivery of my new SENSAS whips at 2.5,3.5,4.5,5.5 metres ……maybe i am trying for Bleak ???

TareZ are uZ !

pick of the Big seed fish (skimmer also )

Caught well on Black Tare and brown/bronze tare

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