Thursday, 23 October 2014

2014 - Practice day on the River Soar on the Waterside Pub side of the river

The saturday before the 2nd round of Winter league on the sunday seen myself at the Waterside Pub side practising with my Greenhill AC piscatorial ; John Kilby who has been fishing very successfully local Leicestershire commercial pools but he fancied a change . He expressed a great interest in fishing canals and rivers and expanding his skill set , he certainly did as Top Wigston Rod Joe Oakes gave John an hour of his time …… massive learning curve for John as Joe soon had him bagging.

The lure of river fishing has captivated John and he has added further skills to his angling .

First put in and a small skimmer

Joe guiding John through his first lesson on the river Soar a highly hard and technical river to fish but once mastered the rewards are obvious.

Small Chub

For me it was nice to catch some large sardines (Bleak)

Had 2 Pete Warren stick floats set up ready for any eventual section draw however i did try them out as it has been years since i fished the method.

Nice 2-3 oz fish when the Pike were taking a rest.

End of a great session and John had a nice 7.5LB bag of small fish but it was bites all day !

A good 3 hour session for me gave confidence however reality is that pleasure sessions are always weight builders but fine tuning the rigs is the most important.

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