Friday, 8 November 2013

2013 - Trosa Cup 26th and 27th October

I was invited by the TROSA SFK to fish a 2 day event over the weekend . The fishing length was about half way out from the town , pegged about middle to out to the sea. Weather was average temperature with a wind coming in of the sea , so keep your neck warmer on !

Johan 'The Ax-man' Axelsson - told him that he would win the competition  , how did he get on ?

Captain Percy started the draw with young Johan revealing his peg number

  The remainder waiting patiently what was there draw for the day.

What a magical place this is , so much water to fish you are spoilt and so much variety of fish available.

Behind us is just more water stretching to the next island

I drew peg 1 which was the furthest out to sea and probably to be the windiest . It will either fish extremely well or be not as good as further in the town.

My initial balling in ammunition , groundbait bollar !
VDE Turbo , SUPERCUP and CANAL with a bag or black TRAPPER leam. 

All prepared ready for the off , had 5 whips set up at 5 , 6 and 7 meters

To my right and into the town the other 13 anglers were ready for the ok.

What a venue  - easy pole adjustment behind each peg through the fencing.

Would like to try the water at the back in the deeper winter as i expect it would hold a lot of fish.

To my left and the open sea

Bait table at the ready , wheat , corn , maggot and a few worms

Simple no nonsense rigs , mostly 0.15 line direct on 3 whips to 14's hook , 2 other whips down to 0.12 bottoms and 16's hook - i am expecting a bagging session , i hope so !

In front of me , wish you could feeder fish but rules for the weekend i float only

Peg 1 office for the day

Strange day for me , after 1 hour ……no fish and the only people catching were up in the town . However after a vigorous extra ground baiting session the splash brought a few fish in . I took 2 large ide and 2 large bream but could not catch anything lease until the last 45 minutes of the 4 hour competition when i took about 12 roach , skimmer and Bjorkna for 8.6 kilos, not a good day but managed 3rd in section of 7

This lady has lived in the town all her life and fishes all the time sand she was not overhauled by the match lads as she took some quality fish - nice ide .

Kent Adell was last to weigh in the section and took it easily with some 15 kilos

The lady's kit is just so sweet and amusing , golf bag on a shopping trolley - this was just so nice to see , massive respect to her.

He has fished a few years .

Some great nets of quality fish

Johan with best weight in section B

Hasse also into a good net

Pierre with a 3rd in section

Great net or Perch and Ide

Great quality dog roach from percy

After a hard day on the sea section peg i rewarded myself.

End of day 1 and a chance for everyone to discuss how they caught or in my case how i did not catch so good .

Day 2 - can it improve for me ? At least i will be in the B section.

    A chance on peg 3 for me to improve , i asked the local experts and they said : Corn , corn !

9 balls of VDE SUPER ROACH and brown leam laced with hemp and corn

Action station ready - must do better !

Kent and Percy conferring .


Final preparations before the pre-bait.

Young Johan to my right

OMG ! - Another bad day at the office and a miserly 5.6 kilos and a catalogue of lost big bream and pike problems and being idle to change to the pole and smaller lines and hooks . Young Johan to my right fished really well for 7.5 kilos , Kent took the section again .

Pierre had a tough time furthest peg out 

Hasse was next weigh

Johan Ax-man took best weight of the day with 22 kilos and winner of section A

All the good weights were here.

Percy with his best fish   :-))

Happy Kent with his section winning catch

Another nice net of fish

Disaster but still had a nice ide to show for it.

Young Johan with some nice stripeys.

Presentation time ……money and the spoils !

The Trosa SFK presented me with a bottle of wine which was a fitting end of the day . Thanks guys ! I love you all , The TSFK have been the best of my fishing friends.

They even sang a Swedish song for me …….think i had a tear in my eye !

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