Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2013 - November 27th TROSA and specimen Roach

Wednesday 27th November and a chance to fish the famous match length at Trosa that in recent weeks has given many weights of 20 kilos plus in matches . The recent cold snap had made it uncomfortable to fish so when i heard the weather was going to be 5-7 degrees i decided to head to the town for some therapeutic Dog Roach fishing.

I was met by a glorious start to the day with a warm sun through the wispy clouds.

There is a 10m/sec wind about but the boat year in front is deflecting most of it.

I set up 3 whips of 3 , 5 and 6m with quite bold tackle (0.18 main line /0.15 bottom line to 14s long shank Tubertini) Also set up a 9m pole with a top 4 of 0.15/0.12 a 16's Colmic on a 2gr pole float.
Started on the pole and took several fish then decided to get them in quicker on the 6m whip that soon changed to the 5m whip and after an hour went bagging on the 3m whip . Made a huge mistake forgetting my maggots but had the sense to keep several tins of corn in the box , when i realised the maggots had been forgotten i just set up a whip and dropped it in baited with corn hoping that the corn will be okay , it was as within 10 seconds the float buried and a 14oz roach came in.

                         Quality Roach on the corn

 Some of the roach had battle scars from their close encounters with the local Pike and Zander population.

It was all roach until my first Bjorkna arrived

           Rutilus-rutilus Dogius Roachius of approx 1-8 lb

Bonus Ide towards the end of the day

117 fish counted of which 5 were Bjorkna , 4 were skimmer and 1 Ide

Best catch of Roach ever for me , the sheer size of the stamp of roach averaging 12oz to 1-6oz

Magnificent catch , not proper fishing , more of a mugging session really but it does make great photos.

We have a match this coming Saturday on the same length and i think we will see equal weights to this with the class of angler expected to turn up. ……. watch this space !

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