Wednesday, 13 November 2013


        Decided to have a practice down on the canal at Trosa . it was glorious sunshine that greeted me and stayed with me all day just taking the edge off that sea cold wind. The previous days rains had pushed through a lot of water so the current was much stronger than normal plus the water was still high from last week with an extra 20 cm.
         I started the day with a ground bait mix of VDE Turbo / leam 50/50 with plenty of dead maggot / hemp and corn . I had an instinct the fish would be there in force.
         Set up 2 pole rigs for 10 m using 3gr and 0.15 straight thro to 16/14's. Also had 5/6m whips to fish to hand again with strong line direct to 14s.

A match is planned for this coming Sunday at the TROSA Canal on the 17th November . It will be 4 hours in duration , float only and no rods/reels allowed ( Club rules this time of year). 

First fish was a handsome Bjorkna

                                          Next put in yielded a big roach

What great weather for the time of year.

Fished from kl.10:25 to 14:50 ……. the fishing was outstanding with no shortage of bites. All the fish were of the same size , all good for just about swinging in to hand but half of them needed the respect of the landing net.

Absolute cracking net of fish which was hard to raise from the water and i estimate a good 30 kilos it felt like a 60lb plus net.

        Can hardly wait for Sundays' match.

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