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Sweden's last premier match of the year is the MATCH MAN OF THE YEAR which in recent years has been held in Jonkoping , but this year it was decided to run it at Norrkoping. 
I travelled up the night before with my girlfriend and we booked in to the Elite Grand Hotel . The next morning i made my way to the venue. 
The venue has seen some great competitions over the years and many i have fished which have included some staggering bream weights. However this time of the year the Roach and Bjorkna and skimmers and Perch will be the targets as they shoal up for the winter.

The match is to take place on the end of B section leading onto C section.

As i arrived a watery sunshine started to glimmer through the broken cloud .

End of B section looking up to the town and C section.

Perfect venue with ample parking to the pegs

To the left and looking down B section and onto A section.

Looking over to the island which is a 60/70 metre cast  ……but not today i think .

Top rod from Constellation Tommy Ostland in the mix

Several Norwegian anglers made the trip and they are of noted calibre with most of them figuring in the International and European teams. Which the same is true for the Swedish anglers on display , may of them have excellent knowledge of match angling.

I drew peg 7 , lucky for me ? i surrounded by the Norwegian brothers Niklas and Tommy.

All set to go with a slider , 2 pole rigs on top 5 and 2 x 7 metre whips.

7 balls laced with dead maggot  ,corn , hemp  in BLACK TURBO VDE 50/50 leam and 6 balls of a lighter mix with no leam.

Slider 14gram with 6gr down the line to 0.13 bottom and a 16's Colmic N500

What a bloody match that was !! 4 hours for 5 small fish and i was down to 0.10 / 20's in the last 2 hours and on Pinkie. The only thing i could see was that the Brothers either side of me caught well on worm and 3/4 maggots on hook and mostly on slider , they had 3.0 and 4.8 kilos either side of me as i suffered the indignation of only 200 grams !!    WTF !!

Niklas fished great on slider for his Perch and Bjorkna for 4810

Brother Tommy did good also with 3000

Runar with 8780

Winner of C section - Kent Adell 16160

Marcus Enstrom 14320

Day 1 over …..can it be better tomorrow for me ?

Day 2 and we were greeted from a foggy mist from the previous night but with several minutes the sky was visible and a good days fishing was possible ……how will it go for me this time ?

To my left

Today its peg 6 in B section…….How will i do ?

To my right

Expectancy in the air ……have the fish moved in on mass ?

Well i started with several balls on the pole line and more out on the slider . I really wanted the pole line to produce along with the 7m whip line . 
First 10 minutes i had 6 Bjorkna on the bounce , small they were but then i had a doggish size . That is it i thought , time to get the bagging whip out and they were there as i took a procession of fish out , sometimes they would back off for several minutes but you knew they were always going to feed. 

It came to the weigh in and it was close with me getting 3rd overall and just off first place by 800 gr. Yes i lost good fish so did the other anglers but i was a day when nobody had below 12 kilos .
My sanity was restored .

Patrik 10850

Runar 20430

Kent Adell winner of B section with 24880

Marcus Enstrom 22080

Tommy to my left with 19680

Better ! 23940

Tommy 12810

Niklas winner of B section with 24660

Christer who the other week won a section on the SILO canal in Berlin …..13700 all on slider

Fin Erik 15660

Dag with 12880

Tommy with 19510

The prizes ……in the poring rain

Great match with Kent Adell winning over the 2 days , Niklas from Norway came 2nd , Marcus Enstrom was 3rd.

Big thanks to Kent and Christer for running the competition . Think next year the doubters will return .

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