Sunday, 5 January 2020

2019 - MAS day out at HACKETTS small pool

Dave Allen organised a match over in Robin Hood land right next to Holm Pierpoint at a private water called Hacketts Pools , we fished the smaller one of the two pools .
When arriving after a great breakfast at the cafe on Daleside Road it was clear the rains over the last few months had taken its toll on the fields with many still holding a saturation of water . The movement from the cars to the pegs was short yet ultra slippy , but we made it as nobody decided a trolley option due to the ground condition .

Me on Peg 1 , Mick Peg 2 , Steve on Peg 3 and Dave on Peg 4 . Fished 09:30- 14:30

Dave and Mick discussing tactics

Steve ready for the of

End of the 5 hours and it was a bite a drop all day

Dave with 11.5lb
Steve with 12.5lb
Mick with 8lb
me with 14.5lb

Incredible water with so many species , today we had : roach , rudd , dace , gudgeon , skimmer , Perch , Ruffe .

We had a wind all day from the left so 11/13m fishing was tough . Eventually i went from 11m to top 3 and top 4 fishing in about 3 feet of water . Talking with Dave we could have another match on there later in the spring next time on the larger pool . In the summer they have weights on waggler up to 100lb in Summer of Roach and bream/skimmers ! This has to be on the list !

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