Monday, 27 January 2020

2020 - Wigston Angling Society Colmic sponsored series - Round 1 - January 26th

After a great breakfast at the Manor Restaurant , Glen Parva the draw was made and some 40 anglers were in for this one , the first of a 6 match series . The river was chosen as an alternative to the Canal which is normally fished however recent results have seen poor returns . The WAS have contacted the authorities for advice on this matter but it appears there are many canals in similar situations - as the year progresses expect a return to form .

The days top rod was COLMIC WIGSTON AC Tom Pringle with a tremendous catch of 33lb , 10 or 11 Bream ?

Peg 10 was mine and after a 150 yards walk i was 3 pegs past the Middleton street bridge .

Bob Ashford was to my right on peg 9 . On peg 8 was Mr.Hodghill who had the misfortune of an elderly gentleman break his no4 section trying to step over the pole. He was asked politely to wait until he shipped out but that fell on deaf ears - minus one no4 section , not the best of starts, the guy thought it was made our metal was his comment !!!

To my left was Wayne Nixon on peg 11

Will it , won't it ?

Opposite was tree feature in the water , looked dangerous for a creature , will it ?

SENSAS Luis 0.75gr for Perch

Another Perch rig line using a SENSAS CCX3 0.75gr

Far shelf MAS-CL 0.4gr

Main attack line for Punch / caster was a MAS-JO2 0.6gr

The day sped by when you dont catch or even get a bite - i must have tried everything and added further rigs . Got first fish in start of last hour and adde 2 more , all Perch , just ounces . Put back and enjoyed watching Bob to my right land 2 exceptional Bream .

Peg 7 was The 'Kirts'  3-15

Peg 6 Mick Carr with 4-14

Colmic front man Adam Nurse with 5-14 on peg 5

Storming catch from Brian Hoyle on peg 4 with 15-1 of Big Perch , two of them were 2-7 , there was 9 large stripey's altogether.

Simon Harper on peg 3 next to the bridge with a good weight of 6-7 and another brown envelope

Peg 2 for Chris Close (he knows this area well ) with a hard earned 4-4

Back at the Manor and COLMIC UK Manager Adam Nurse gave us the results

Top man and the biggest winning envelope

Results sheets

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