Sunday, 29 December 2019

2019 - Wigston AC Mick Holohan memorial match 29th December

The Mick Holohan memorial match is a must do in the match calendar as its always the last match of the year plus its for a great cause and the great bloke it states .
The match was switched to the canalised section at Aylestone as the South Wigston canal had current poor form but that hopefully should be short lived.

The meeting place for this days great event is the Manor Restaurant for a hearty breakfast and massive chat with all the expectant piscatorials .

Tom Pringle , Chris Marks and Joe Oakes the Wigston table

The draw and my hand stuck to PEG1 ..........end peg , surely a winner !?!?!?!

To my right was the confluence of the natural Soar with the canal in the background

To my left was COLMIC SOAR TACKLE rod Chris Close

The match:

Well i could have not tried any harder as i left no option unturned as i tried repeatedly to extract a bonus or two or more fish out of my peg. I tried laying on , holding back at 3/4 across over bait dropper deads and worm , feeder far side , feeder near side, running and holding back. All for 1-2 which was a pitiful return for a hard days concentration .

Good friend Chris Close was so unlucky to drop a Bream and catch a Pike on worm . Past the bridge on pegs 3 and 4 the fishing faired better , much better , in fact a different world better , in fact the days 1st and 2nd places out of a field of some 46 anglers !

John Borkway on peg 3 had an outstanding catch of fish for 9-5 for 2nd place individual including this stripey of 3-7 !!!

His overall catch included further stripeys and roach

COLMIC WIGSTON AC Tom Pringle was the days top man on peg 4 with 11-1 including 4 stripeys and a skimmer and back up of roach

Paul Taylor with a 3rd place with 7-1

Back to the Manor Restaurant and beer and hard luck stories .

Paul Taylor ...........never away from the coin ......3rd on the day with 7-1

Top dog Tom Pringle ...........did he buy a round !?

Great day for the BROWNING BENNETTS quartet ........anybody seen Paul Greensmith ?

Scores on the boards

Well , simply a marvellous day organised by COLMIC UK manager Adam Nurse and his team. The weights were spectacular in parts and below average in others but that is fishing as there are no guarantees .

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