Tuesday, 3 November 2015


                    As managing Director and Team Captain of the SENSAS-MAS (soon to be better known as the MASlets) i decided i needed to tour the sections where my men were to see how they do . The day started with a below 5 degrees , in fact just on frost !
                    Draw taken and off they went so i thought i would head for the Osiers and help Neil with his kit a little and at the same time walk the Deeps and Greens and back again.

Great stretch of canal - does anybody fish this in the winter ?

Superb bank for Winter league however winter moorings are always a concern

For the furthest pegs on Osiers then take this route

Pillings lock marina - must be great winter fishing ?

Some one knows how to live it up !

Deeps 9

Peg 8

Peg 7 , recognise the face , i think , a bloke from Derbyshire , Nottinghamshire , not sure ?

Legend of the 70's when he used to fish the Rothley and Cossington match lengths with us at the Greenhill AC ......Rod Bream     peg 6

Manager of Bennets Mountsorrel and El Capitano . Stu Timpson    peg5

Peg 4

Dave Petch on peg 3

peg 2

MAS rod Clive 'The snake charmer' Lloyd.

Crossed the road from the cobbles to the Greens and some local chiefs had decided to steal a small digger that the EA were using for their bank repair work on the cobbles......... the tried to knock the gate down but still could not get through ............f***kin scum !

On the Greens peg 9

Peg 8

Peg 7 Adey Reynolds

Peg 6

MAS rod John ''killer'' Kilby peg 5

Joe Oakes 'Legend' peg 4

pegs 2 and 3

Dean on peg 2

No peg ?

Peg 1 all on his own

Mr. Reynolds ! Did not know who it was first time i passed.

Back on the greens and the whistle had blown

Rod on the tip


Into fish from the off

He's a bit of a swinger !

Exclusive photo of DB'ds rigs

DB Menu board


Peg 2

Peg 3

Peg 5

Peg 7 with Brad

Peg 8

peg 6

Pete on peg 9

Sam on peg 10

TopRod Neil Powell on peg 11

Sam with Pike troubles

Out to the Abbey

Peg 8 and yonder is 9

Ross on 7a and loads of Pike

and sun in his eyes

peg 6

MAS Rod peg 5 Howard Kaye

Peg 4 fave peg , had 3 results on this over the years

peg 3

Tom on peg 2 ......excellent stick peg

On to the Zouch

MAS Rod John Harper second time on this peg ......last in section expected   :(

All other pegs fish much better

On to Kegworth

Peg10 A ....predator peg

Bucko on peg 11

peg 12

Vince on peg 13

peg 15

peg 14

Tom on peg 16

Getting dark used the light from the mobile

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