Monday, 23 November 2015


Okay there is Bad news and good news

First the good news .......

The bad news was the Brinks , peg 19 . I really fancied and felt confident because of a earlier win on peg 14 but that was a good day and mild with a little water on.

Long walk to the peg ........ it was like being on a commercial fishery !

The fence and pegs 20 , 22 , 23 and 24

To my right up to peg 13 , started at peg 14 for the section.

The match is always over quickly when the fishing is at its least  and i tried so many different methods and nothing came to fruition even when fining the tackle down to 22's / 0.06 line and 0.4 float , it was awful . In the end i scraped together 15-20 fish dominated by minnows with a few small roach , a chublet , Gudgeon and a Perch. If i would have fished Minnow all match i might have scrapped 100 bits and just beaten 4th place 0-14 oz .

Weigh in was best at the far end and Brad Titmus weighed in over 6-13 lb of peg 24.

MAS team sheet and to be fair considering we have been improving and finished 4th on the last round our pegs were not the best on the day. Only Vince and Clive had any respectable weights.

The section of ounces .........shame as i really love this stretch of river.

Well done Wigston from 7th on the last round to 1st on the 5th ......great result .

Top Ponds ......great section with lowest weight of 6-1 !!!!

Oh dear .........Sutton has taken a dive when i expected it to show some weights on this section at least

1860 with consistent weights as usual

Normanton still consistent also

The days better Sutton section

Kegworth still very good

Suttons middles sections fished well - ish !

Section of death on the Sutton.....4 dry nets ......what is wrong at this end of the stretch ?

         Dear SANTA can MAS have a better draw on WL 6 ?     :)

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