Wednesday, 4 November 2015

2015 - My view on Soar Valley fishing

      At the captains meeting after the 3rd WL match it was agreed that the Abbey and Osiers be dropped along with the Brinks . I can understand the reasons for doing this however also with dismay that potentially the three sections could still provide useful weights . I think the fairest section is the Osiers with Abbey 2nd but the Brinks was really in my opinion only good enough for three pegs the others being awkward to get to and more jacuzzi like. (However in the summer all pegs would be potentially the same)
      My thoughts were about the Osiers on Sunday as John Kilby - MAS and that the walk would certainly test his stamina and balance of very slippery ground. By the time John had weighed in and put his gear away it became dangerously dark and without the help of Wigston AC John Wells and myself then he would not have got away on time. John is a large unit and is not as mobile so my thoughts and concerns were for him. 
      I think also consideration for the for the field itself has to be looked at as it was well churned up and soon the new fencing would mean that fewer cars would be able to park there . So in my estimation you could only gain about 10-12 cars , maybe just enough for the Osiers and top 5-6 pegs of the Deeps. So if we were to get more rain then it could be tough and cars would get stuck. However the work completed on the Osiers is first class and in the future we could place gravel  / stones on the pegs and steps to the peg to aid grip for the angler.
      The Abbey apart from the first match has not really produced what we all know it can but its still in a safe state and would look to develop that even more next season to make all steps  to the pegs safer. Dropping the end peg 9 would be good as its a pain getting over barb wire fences. So new pegs between 2 and 3 and drop peg 3 and open up a peg to the right of the tree before you get to peg 4. It would be great to remove some of the river sticks to gain another peg before peg 5
a new peg after 6 would be good.
       Its this time of the year i think it would be good to come off these sections under normal temperature conditions however because of the extended warm weather we find ourselves still in T shirts fishing shallow rivers. Listening to Stu Timpson also that the farmers who control the Brinks would like less churning up if the fields. Another issue is animals as the cows licked to death the cars at the brinks ,especially mine and so strong they were they broke the passenger casing off with their sticky tongues. Also i heard that my team member John Harper has done £400-00 of damage against a fence post on Top Ponds.
       One of the most significant happenings this year was when Tony Beech ran the River Fest and the Deeps and Greens were added with Sutton for the competition It appeared to ignite a thinking amongst the fishing fraternity that we can spread out to other sections as more varied sections of the river were starting to be enjoyed . This spread into the Winter league when we were fishing some 10 sections of 9 pegs and the weights returned were excellent however some 10% of the field returned very small weights but like all fishing nothing is guaranteed.
        As the weather gets colder , wetter and the banks start to become skating rings and the fields we cross start to get churned up we unfortunately have had to drop sections for those reasons plus the reason for health and safety which we are governed by the Angling Trust. How ever this should not diminish the enthusiasm to fish alternative venues .
       There for i suggest that next season we should look at using (if possible and available) to place summer sport on the Soar more widely if at all possible. This season Sutton has not been the best at all with only certain pegs really providing any good weights. They say Sutton is fair however i would disagree this season and worse is also that your equipment is continually being walked over by bank visitors / runners / cyclists and dogs more than any other sections plus the boats have taken up good pegs far too often. 
        I believe a more pragmatic approach would be to spread the matches over different sections to keep the interest amongst the match crew . Its obvious that sections like Kegworth , Abbey , Osiers , 1860 , Top Ponds , Brinks can produce some great catches and i would really like to fish these in the Summer . The expectancy for Big Chub , Perch and Barbel is to great a opportunity not to miss plus summer time there would be less damage to fields by the cars.
        The exceptional work undertaken by many of the match crews to get pegs made ready for this Winter League has been a great achievement and sometimes thankless task however it would be a pity if that work is not maintained and increased ! I believe that by continuing to maintain the banks then it will only inspire others to approach organisers to create more matches on sections that can potentially get 20 -30 - 40 LB plus weights ?

       Please make comments and please approach the fishing organisers to inform them of your thinking .

        Yours sincerely

        Phil Ackerley 

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