Sunday, 6 July 2014


Second match of the series and a new part of the river for me as i took an early dip into the bag and pulled out Peg 102 . Where is that i exclaimed ? ……football fields , 3 of them ! OMG ! oh well i need the training and the early morning calorie burn will be beneficial .

The previous match the first in the series i managed to win my section and gain entry to the master final later in the year . That i did from Peg 49 with an enormous weight of 1.1 kilos ! Hopefully todays fishing might see an improvement with the roach and skimmers on the feed ?

First match on the 'MASTERS' :

 Anchor pub breakfast , first bite of the day

 Peg 49 ?

Presentations after match - section winner and £40 and a good chuckle with match SENSAS supremo organiser Joff Woodgett


       After a 500 metres walk and a obstacle course over the local concrete wall i arrived to find a boat in my peg ! Accompanied by a further 3 boats also taking over 2 other drawn pegs, the cheek of it , did nobody tell them that the SENSAS SOAR MASTERS was on today   :)    ?
       All was not lost as we all found a peg in the end , thats fishing , all the best laid plans can sometimes have problems . Its no fault of the organisers but just an unfortunate situation that arrises once in a while.

First boat is my peg 102 ! ……moved back to peg 101.

 The days kitchen preparation

3 rigs at the ready all Maurazio Schiepatties at 1.5 ,2.0 and 2,5 gr on 0.12/0.08 SENSAS feeling 20/18's hooks.
 9 balls to start the peg

Assortment of what will catch the best ?

3rd place in section with 3,6 kilos

2nd in section with 3,8 kilos

Winner of our section with 4,6 kilos

Great day be it tough walk there and back , i finished 5th in section with 2.2 kilos and i will not blame the Pike/rowing boats/pleasure boats in my peg as i should have done better and fished caster all day instead of chopping and changing , next time ?

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